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   Chapter 77 Last Goodbye

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Cherry returned home, sat on the sofa, and watched TV quietly.

Before long, Jackson came back home, and was delighted to see his lovely Cherry sitting on the sofa. He walked over and sat beside her, and held her in his arms.

"Didn't you go out today?" asked Jackson, concerned.

"I've been to the residential compound to visit Grandpa, but I came back home after lunch, " said Cherry, while she snuggled in Jackson's arms.

He was a little surprised that Cherry had visited his grandfather alone. "You went to visit Grandpa?"

"Yes, and I also had lunch with him, " said Cherry.

When he heard her, Jackson didn't know how to express his joy, and just held her tight in his arms.

At night, as he laid in bed, Jackson fell asleep happily holding Cherry in his arms.

However, Cherry was awake, tormented, because she knew that she would run away from him tomorrow. Jackson still knew nothing about it, but would she have been as calm as she was if he had already known it?

As she listened to Jackson's breathing, Cherry finally couldn't help but call out his name, "Jackson..."

Jackson heard Cherry's voice indistinctly, and replied, "Yes?"

"Can you talk to me? I can't fall asleep, " said Cherry softly. At this moment, she wanted to cherish every second with Jackson.

Jackson slowly opened his eyes and looked at the woman in his arms, and couldn't help but give her a lingering kiss. After a while, he let her go, and while he seriously looked at her, he asked, "What's the matter? Are you suffering from insomnia?"

Cherry nodded, and watched him attentive

ils, and after he kissed Cherry on her forehead, he turned around and left with Derek.

She looked at the car fading out in the distance, and suddenly tears came running down on her cheeks.

Inside the car, with a thoughtful look on his face, Derek asked, "Jackson, don't you think that Cherry looked somehow unusual this morning?"

Jackson was very cheerful, and was thinking about what Cherry had said about having a baby. He perfunctorily answered Derek, "You think too much."

After he heard Jackson's words, Derek looked at him from the rear-view mirror and saw him smiling. It seemed that he was very happy, and he thought that maybe indeed he might have thought too much about it.

Cherry received a call from Stephen as soon as she went back into the house.

"Hello, Stephen, " said Cherry calmly.

"Cherr, when are you leaving? Shall I pick you up?" asked Stephen.

"No, thanks, I don't have any luggage to take with me. I'll see you at the airport in thirty minutes; I'm leaving now, " said Cherry firmly.

"Okay, see you there."

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