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   Chapter 73 Shocking News

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Cherry got up out of bed, washed, sat on the sofa, and fell again into her trance. Her mood violently fluctuated with Jackson; whether he was with her, or what he was doing, all had a great influence on her.

It was a lovely day outside, and Cherry couldn't help but think of Emily again. Not a day had gone by when she had not thought of her.

So she made up her mind to go to the graveyard.

She put on a plain, dark blue suit, and set off on her way.

She then called for a taxi, and told the driver to go directly to the graveyard in the suburbs.

Standing in front of Emily's gravestone, Cherry finally burst out into tears. She had already held them inside of her for far too long, but now that she was near her friend, she let them out freely.

Cherry wanted to unleash all of her anguish and to tell Emily about everything, either bad or good, but she couldn't, and all of her words turned into tears.

As time went by, she eventually stopped crying, and felt much better.

She wiped the tears off her face and her eyes glittered with determination. She didn't know why she felt so determined, and also didn't know whether it was for someone, or for something.

She looked at Emily's photo on her gravestone, and whispered, "Emily, from now on, I won't ever rely on anyone else. I'll be independent, and live a life on my own, and no matter what happens, I'll always believe in myself and live a happy life."

A glimmer of hope then rose from the bottom of her heart, and she realized that it had always been about her.

She finally understood what meant to be strong and to live an independent life.

When she left the graveyard, she did not

o your in-time arrival, both your baby and you are safe now." He paused for a moment, and turned to look back at Stephen, whom he thought to be the husband, and said, "As her husband, you must pay her more attention in the coming days. You should ask doctors about anything that comes up, even if you don't want to go to hospital. If she's been a careless mother, why don't you be an attentive father?"

The words reduced Stephen to silence. 'I'm Cherry's husband? Well, I'd like to be, but...'

Cherry slowly looked away and did not say anything. She thought, 'Husband, hmm... where is my husband? He's probably busy sleeping with someone else, and anyway, I doubt that he'll know how to take care of me.'

After a few moments, Stephen nodded to the doctor, still dumbfounded. He then looked at Cherry, and sadness grew in his heart, and thought, 'She must be missing Jackson, the only one that she loves.'

Stephen stayed with Cherry for the whole day, and when evening came, she felt much better. After the doctor checked her again, he finally allowed her to go home.

Stephen again drove her home.

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