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   Chapter 70 Let Me Take You Home

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Stephen froze when his eyes finally focused on the corner she was sitting in. It was a familiar, but emaciated face, and her figure, as well as her appearance, made him feel an icy quiver in his heart.

Stephen stared at Cherry, and slowly started to walk up to her.

She sat in the corner and blankly stared at all the people twirling around on the dance floor. She was there because she missed Emily, not to see other people having fun.

Cherry wasn't aware of the fact that Stephen was standing beside her until he called out her name. "Cherr, you're here!"

When she heard someone calling out her name, Cherry looked backwards, and saw that it was Stephen. She tried to quickly adjust her mood, and a reluctant smile appeared on her face, which was even more uglier than a grimace. She said, "Stephen, how did you know I was here?"

Stephen suffered when he looked at Cherry's face, and he had no choice but to withhold himself from speaking.

"Don't forget that this is my territory. I always know when you're here," said Stephen.

Cherry believed that what he said was true. After all, it was his bar, and that meant that everything was under his watch, her included.

Embarrassed, Cherry quickly replied, "I'm so sorry..."

However, Stephen felt an unbearable pain pierce his heart. He fixed his eyes on Cherry, and said, "How are you doing these days?"

She was shocked by his greeting, and because Stephen acted just like a friend, this reminded Cherry of Emily one more time.

"Fine, not so bad," said Cherry.

Stephen stared at her all the time during their talk. He said, "Not so bad, but it seems that you're not a bit happy at all."

When she heard him, Cherry looked down, and lowered her voice. She replied, "No, I'm actually leading a good life now."

Stephen tried to say, "Cherry, Emily..." but his words were quickly stopped by her before he could finish them.

Cherry immediately raised her head, looked at Stephen straight in the eye, and said, "Please, don't talk about Emily. I came here just to relax." She tried to hide her sadness, because she didn't want it to be mentione

"Are you really okay?"

"I'm okay," said Cherry.

When he looked at Cherry's face, Stephen was sure that Cherry was indeed feeling much more better than before, and didn't ask her anything more.

Cherry had just recovered from her sad state when she realized that she was in Stephen's office room.

She said, "If you have work to do, then I'll leave you to it." Cherry then intended to stand up and leave, but her arm was suddenly seized by Stephen.

Stephen felt rather worried about leaving Cherry alone, and said, "No, I don't have any work to do now. Just stay here and rest."

"No, I'd better go back," replied Cherry, insisting on leaving.

Stephen knew that he couldn't convince Cherry change her mind, and when he saw her stubborn face he compromised, and said, "Well, then at least let me drive you back home."

"No, I can go back myself, that's alright." Cherry didn't want anybody to help her.

Stephen stared at Cherry, and with his eyes filled with incomparable affection towards her, said, "But I can't bear to see you like this."

She then raised her head and looked into Stephen's eyes, and saw in them little sparks of misgiving, different from the ordinary concern between friends.

Finally, Cherry acquiesced Stephen's advice, and looked at him and nodded.

Stephen was happy when Cherry agreed to let him take her back, and cheerfully said, "Let's go, I'll drive you back."

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