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   Chapter 69 She Is Coming

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Early next morning, Jackson received a call from the army base, and was told that there was something that needed to be urgently handled by him.

He didn't have the heart to wake Cheery up when he saw that she was still sleeping after he spoke on the phone.

When Jackson felt Cherry move, he carefully asked, "Are you awake?" and when she opened her eyes and looked at him, he focused his gaze on her.

"Yes, when did you wake up?" asked Cherry.

Jackson gently stroke Cherry's hair, and said, "Just earlier."

Cherry read Jackson's face, and figured that there must be something on Jackson's mind, and asked, "Do you have anything to tell me?"

Jackson paused for a moment, and then said, "I have to go back to the barracks soon."

"Oh, " replied Cherry, "Then you have to start packing. You don't want to be late."

Cherry knew that military orders could never be violated, and it seemed that Jackson had already wasted quite some time waiting for her to be awake.

After they got up out of bed and washed, Jackson put on his army uniform. After she checked his clothing and made sure that it was okay, Cherry whispered to him, "You go on ahead, I'll be right here waiting for you when you get back."

"I don't know for how many days I'll be gone; I don't want to leave you, " said Jackson.

In contrast to him, Cherry looked more indifferent, and said, "The military comes first. Don't worry, I take good care of myself when I'm home alone."

Before he left, he kissed her forehead, and reluctantly replied, "Okay."

Watching Jackson leave, Cherry felt slightly wistful?and sad, because she was yet again condemned to be alone for a period, devoid of Jackson's companionship.

Jackson had already been gone for several days, and the longer Cherry stayed at home alone, the more she felt upset. She spent every afternoon looking out the balcony, and after dusk fell, she just stared blankly at the ceiling for most of the night. She was thinking about Emily, and about the days that they had spent together. She missed Jackson, and no longer blamed him for Emily's accident, aware that her love had su

e waiter came in, he found that Stephen was busy working. He was nervous, because he didn't know whether he should tell his boss what he saw or not.

Stephen naturally looked up, and when he saw that it was just a waiter, he casually asked, "What's wrong, Tom?"

After he said this, Stephen continued to immerse himself in his office work.

Tom, the waiter, first hesitated for a?second, but then stood in front of Stephen, and said, "Mr. Stephen, I just saw Emily's friend, Miss Cherry, in the bar."

As soon as Tom's last words came out of his mouth, Stephen raised his head, and looked at him in surprise.

Tom felt even more nervous when he saw Stephen's reaction, and immediately said, "I was bringing some wine to a table just now and brushed against Miss Cherry by accident. I'm pretty sure that it's her, but she looks so emaciated, and her face..." Tom paused for a few seconds, and then continued, "doesn't look so good."

Stephen quickly rose to his feet, and asked, "Where is she now?"

"I just saw her in the hall. She should still be there, " said Tom, and as soon as he finished his words, Stephen quickly walked to the door.

Stephen reached the hall, and frantically looked for Cherry. It had been a long time since he had last seen her at Emily's funeral. He had missed her much and wanted to see her, and he had also heard about the accident, and wondered how she was feeling lately.

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