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   Chapter 66 Go Home For Dinner

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Time passed, and Emily's funeral was held. As soon as they walked out of the cemetery, Cherry suddenly fell to Jackson's chest and fainted. Jackson didn't say a word, and instead held Cherry in his arms, heartbroken.

When they got back home, Jackson gently put Cherry on the bed, and quietly sat next to her.

He didn't leave his wife's side until she woke up, and as he looked at her emaciated face, he felt even more distressed than he was before.

One week passed, and Cherry changed greatly. She became silent and hardly spoke, and every time Jackson talked to her, she only replied to him by using her eyes, or by simply nodding or shaking her head. When she spoke, she uttered only a word, or maybe two.

Cherry ate less and less, and sometimes she would only have one small meal for the whole day. Jackson knew that this was also because of Emily's death, and he was worried about her very much. He had tried his best to comfort her, but all of his efforts had been in vain.

One evening, the couple was sitting on a deck chair on their balcony, under a starry sky. Cherry was lying obediently in Jackson's arms, and was looking up at the star-lit heavens, mute, and lost in thought.

Suddenly, Jackson whispered, "Honey."

Cherry didn't reply, and instead still looked up at the sky.

Jackson knew that Cherry had surely heard him, and continued, regardless of Cherry's silence. "Would you please talk to me? I want to listen to you."

At that moment, as he held Cherry's slender waist as tight as he could, Jackson's voice couldn't have been more tender than it was.

After some time, Cherry began to speak, "Jackson."

He was happy when he heard his wife finally speak to him. He quickly said, "Yes, I'm here."

"I miss Emily so much..."

Jackson didn't know how to comfort her.

He paused for several seconds, looked for the words, and said, "Honey, I'm sorry about Emily; it was all my fault. All of this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't misunderstood you in the first place..."

Jackson continued, "But Cherr, could you please just stop torturing yourself like this? Seeing you like this breaks my heart; I don't want you to be like this."

Jackson was almost in tears, but Cherry shed them first before he had the chance.

She burst into tears, and said, "Do you know something? In the whole world, the only two people that have ever treated me well are Emily and Wilson. They have never hurt me. When Wilson had to go abroad, I was left with only Emily, and she was very important for me, but now she...She's…"

Cherry then sobbed, and couldn't say anything more. She had never expected that Emily would die because of her, and if she had not come to her house, and not asked her for her help, then she would have still been alive.

Jackson once again tightly held her in his arms and comforted her, and said, "Honey, it's alright. Please, don't be afraid; don't be afraid; everything's going to be alright."

As she thought of the horrific scene, Cherry closed her eyes, and could not help but shudder.

derestimated his capability.

"Jackson, I believe in you that you can handle you relationship with Cherry. As for John, Lucia and Edwin have already told me what happened. John divorced Jean, and coming from my side, that's okay. The Shen family will never dare to do anything to the Ye family, but, if they ever want to do anything..." Andrew paused for a few moments, and continued, "Please tell Cherry beforehand that I won't let the Shen family off just because of her. I also have to protect the Chu clan, the Ye clan and also your elder sister. Even though she's my elder brother's granddaughter, she grew up together with you, and I can't see her suffering."

Jackson thought for a while and immediately understood what his grandpa meant. He said, "Grandpa, there's no need to worry about us, I'll talk with Cherry, rest assured. Cherry doesn't even get on too well with the Shen clan; Jade Qiao is her step mother, and Harrison didn't treat her well too. Do whatever you want to them; it's okay."

After he heard Jackson's words, Andrew was very happy, and said, "That's good, that's very good."

"Yes, Grandpa," he said. Jackson was always very polite whenever he spoke with Andrew, or whenever he was in his presence.

Andrew suddenly smiled, and said, "Cherry must have been unhappy recently. You two come to the residential compound; I'll ask the housemaid to cook some delicious food for you. We'll have dinner together; I also miss Cherry."

Andrew's words enlightened Jackson. He wanted to make Cherry happy, but couldn't find the right way. Maybe if they had dinner in the residential compound, Cherry would be happy in his grandpa's presence.

"Okay, Grandpa. She's still asleep now, I'll tell her when she wakes up," said Jackson.

"Okay, okay," cheerfully said Andrew. "I'll ask the butler to go shopping and the housemaid to make the proper preparations right now."

After he said this, Andrew hung up the phone.

Jackson looked at the phone in his hand, and felt a little less gloomy than he was before.

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