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   Chapter 64 Misery Befalling

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Jean then cornered Cherry into the balcony and, all of a sudden, she grabbed her neck with her two hands, leaving her no time whatsoever to dodge her attack.

She gripped her neck with force, and Cherry felt a terrible pain. She held Jean's hands immediately, and struggling to speak, said, "Je...Jean, what are you doing? Let me go..."

"You'll soon see what I'm going to do to you, Cherry." Jean's expression was hateful, and hideous. She had come there to kill Cherry, because as long as she was completely gone from the world, her life would then be happy and joyful.

"Jean,'re mad. Let me go!" said Cherry while trying to resist her.

"Let you go? Cherry, do you really think I'm that stupid? You've been haunting me my whole life. But I don't understand, how could a bitch like you live more happily than me? How can you get everything I want without effort? How?" said Jean, as she put more strength into her grip.

"Ahm, ahem" Cherry couldn't help but cough and gurgle because of her sister's grip on her neck. It was obvious that Cherry was disadvantaged, and that she couldn't possibly fight against Jean.

The door of the flat then suddenly opened, and after she heard it, Cherry saw her savior.

Emily had just returned home, and Cherry spared no efforts to cry out for help. She yelled, "Emily, save, save me!"

So long as Emily had just entered the flat, what was going on in the balcony caught her sight. She first saw that Jean was holding Cherry with her hands gri


However, Cherry ignored her. She had snapped out of her daze, turned round, and flew downstairs to Emily's rescue.

At the time, Jackson and Derek also arrived. What they saw scared them. Cherry was desperately running down the stairs; Emily was lying on the ground, bathed in a pool of blood. Panicked and horrified, they wondered what had happened here.

Not far behind them, John had also almost arrived at the place, and when he saw the scene in front of him, he gradually stopped his steps; he had never expected this kind of situation.

In everyone's gaze, Cherry then carefully approached to her best friend. She looked at her closed eyes and at the blood flowing from her head. Cherry was frightened, and as she covered her mouth with her hands, tears started to flow out in torrents out of her eyes.

She stopped just a few steps away from her. She quietly stared at Emily, and let her tears tell the shrieking pain she had in her heart as she saw her lying still on the ground.

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