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   Chapter 62 Looking For Her

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Both of them couldn't care less about Jean. John looked at Jackson, and because he was awake, he could now explain exactly what had happened yesterday.

"I was drunk yesterday, and I went to your house to see Cherr, " said John. He found that there was something wrong in his statement. Afraid that Jackson would beat him again, John quickly corrected himself, "...see Cherry, and then I wanted to play with her, drunk. That was what you saw when you arrived at home."

Jackson now believed that his guess was indeed correct, and that Cherry would have never betrayed him. Even if she had been in love with John before, she was now his wife, and there was no likelihood for her to ever betray him.

When he saw that Jackson thought for a while, an idea occurred to John's mind. He quickly asked, "Uncle, has something happened to Cherry?"

Jackson then furiously turned his gaze towards him, and said, "John, it's all your fault! She's gone missing!"

"Missing? Didn't she come back home last night?" asked John, astonished and worried sick about her in his heart. Where could she have gone?

"If she had come home last night, would I still have come here at this hour?" replied Jackson. Now that he had figured out what had happened yesterday, the only thing that he now had to do was to find Cherry's whereabouts. He had to get her back to him under any cost, and never let her leave his side ever again.

Jackson cruelly released John from his grip and then turned away.

As he stared at Jackson's back, John stood paralyzed in bed, and white as a ghost.

Jean now knew what was happening; John had went to Jackson's home to look for Cherry, and had been caught by Jackson. That was the reason why John had been hit by Jackson.

Inside her heart, Jean's rage almost immediately rose. She walked closer to John, and then asked him, "John, so

n it hit her. She then knew where Cherry was, and she was more than one hundred percent certain that she was together at that person's house.

A smile then appeared on Jean's face, and it seemed that fate had given her a clue.

Jean then drove her car to Stephen's bar, got out of it, and then walked inside.

As she stepped towards the bar's counter, Jean saw a waiter, and immediately asked him, "Do you know where I can find Emily?"

"Hello, miss! She's cleaning one of the rooms. If you need to speak with her, I can go and call her, " respectfully said the waiter.

"No, don't bother, that's okay. When does she get off duty?" said Jean.

The waiter looked at the watch on the wall, and then replied, "In about an hour."

Jean smiled and then turned around, and walked out of the bar without even saying thank you.

After she got out of the bar, Jean got inside her car and phoned someone.

With an authoritative tone, she said, "Search for Emily Xia's address and send it to me! Now!"

Jean then hung up the phone, and while she started the car and looked forward, a mischievous smile appeared on her face. She was about to achieve her malicious goal, and thought, "Cherry, you won't get away from me this time."

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