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   Chapter 59 I Really Love Her

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John leaned against the door and then squinted at Cherry. When he saw her face clearly, he was excited, and said, "Cherr! I finally see you! Finally!"

"What are you doing here?" asked Cherry furiously. She wasn't expecting John there.

John briefly looked into the room and then looked at Cherry, and asked, "Is my uncle at home?"

Cherry ignored his question, and impatiently asked, "What the hell do you want? If you don't have anything to do, then please go away. You're not welcome here!"

When he heard her harsh tone, John was a little upset. He looked at Cherry with a serious look on his face, and said, "Cherr, could you please stop talking to me like this? I miss you, so I want to see you; I really miss you."

Cherry knew that John was obviously drunk, and that meant that it was meaningless to reason with him now.

Cherry sternly stared at John, and said, "John, don't forget that I'm your aunt! Behave yourself in front of your aunt! Don't try to get fresh with me!"

"Haha!" sneered John as he tried to balance himself. He then slowly got closer to Cherry, and said, "Cherr, am I stupid? Or, do you think I'm stupid? I'm your true love. We've been in love for so many years, but you've married my uncle for only several months. Obviously you have no feelings for each other. Do you think he really loves you? The woman he loves is Sally. Don't you know that already? Do you really think you're my aunt?"

When he mentioned of Sally, Cherry immediately felt her heart ache. Although she hadn't heard this name for a long time, when John mentioned it, she still felt its pain echoing in her heart.

When he didn't hear a reply from Cherry, John thought that Cherry must be pondering his words, and that they were right.

Cherry noticed that John was getting closer to her, and she kept stepping back. She didn't stop until she was in the living room.

"John! What the hell do you want to do?" asked Cherry fiercely.

John gently replied, "Cherr, I just came here to see you, just to see you."

With these words, John wanted to move even more towards her, but Cherry immediately pushed him away.

Cherry was a little fri

hing, and instead braced her legs firmly, and quivered with fear.

Jackson was still fiercely hitting John, and said, "John, if you wanted to die, you should've just said so...I could've helped you!"

John's face had been beaten until black and blue. By that time, he had gradually sobered up and could think clearly, but he didn't dare to strike back, nor did he dare to say anything in reply to his uncle.

When he saw that John didn't hit back or speak, Jackson finally stopped, and then threw John to the door.

John fell to the ground, and wiped the blood off of his lips.

Jackson glared at his nephew, and said, "John, I've already told you that she's my wife now!"

"But I love her, I really love her!" said John. He wasn't afraid of irritating Jackson, because he just wanted to say his real and honest thoughts.

Jackson then quickly went to him, squatted, and after he grabbed his collar with one hand, he said, "She's now my woman! Don't ever touch her again!"

John was terrified by Jackson's expression, because he had never seen him act like that ever before. Even many years ago, when Sally had left him, Jackson had never reacted like that, but now he saw that Jackson's expression was extremely horrible, as if he wanted to murder someone the following second.

John knew that anyone who offended his uncle would possibly be killed, and he was no exception from the rule, even though he was his nephew.

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