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   Chapter 58 Meeting At The Door

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After he left home, John had no idea about where he should go next. He thought for a while, and then decided that he should go to the bar, because Jean would never come after him there.

Inside the bar, Emily was on the early shift, and had just started work. She was surprised at first when she saw him, and she knew that he had broken up with Cherry, but when she thought more about it, she decided to treat him as any other person that she had already met before.

When he saw Emily, John walked towards her.

John stood in front of the bar, and stared at her.

Emily got a bit strained with his gaze fixed on her, and asked, "What are you doing here at this hour? If you want to have fun, come at night, there's nothing happening now."

John slightly began to speak, and said, "Arrange a quiet VIP room for me; I want to sleep."

Emily was astonished by what he said, and replied, "If you want to sleep, you can go home. Why did you come here?"

John then turned his head away from her, and said, "I don't want to see Jean's horrible face."

Emily was shocked, and couldn't believe that John could describe Jean's face with the word "horrible". It seemed that he didn't love her after all.

She didn't ask too much because she saw the lingering fatigue on John's face.

Emily entrusted John to one of her colleagues that was standing beside her to take him to his room.

John rested there until the afternoon, and after he came out of it, he noticed that the bar had gotten very busy with people.

He sat down on a random seat in a corner, summoned a waiter, and ordered some bottles of wine.


do next.

Cherry thought about it and then decided to watch TV in the living room. She had a keen interest in some recent soap operas.

As she turned into a couch potato with the remote control in her hand, Cherry got lost in the soap opera's plot.

All of a sudden, Cherry heard that there was someone knocking the door. Cherry was a bit surprised, because no stranger had come there before except for Derek. She thought that if Jackson wasn't at home, then why was Derek there? Furthermore, since Jackson was at the army base, then Derek should be there as well with him. Who was knocking on the door then?

As she sat on the sofa, Cherry still couldn't figure out who was outside the door. Because of the continual knocking, she thought that it must be something pretty urgent.

Cherry finally got up and walked to the door and intended to open it.

As soon as she opened the door, she caught a strong whiff of alcohol, and then she saw that John was drunk, and was about to fall on her. Cherry quickly extended her hand to keep him away, and then pushed John out.

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