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   Chapter 56 Busy Times

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Jackson and Jean both looked towards the direction the voice sounded.

A familiar face came into sight. Jackson let out a name, "Walter!" Walter Wang was the one that had cried out Jackson's name. He had been living abroad for a long time, and had just come back for a few days and wanted to hang out with his old friends.

"Jackson, why is she here?" asked Derek. He was next to Walter Wang, and he was a bit surprised to see Jean there.

When she heard Derek asking about her, Jean loosened her grip on Jackson's hand, and played innocent.

Walter Wang, not sure about the situation, mistook the woman for Jackson's wife. He had heard about Jackson's marriage when he was still abroad, and based on the intimacy he saw between Jackson and Jean, Walter thought that the pretty woman must be his wife.

"Jackson, your wife is a beauty!" he bantered. He looked at Jean up and down, and said, "Such a nice figure, and such a nice look. She definitely beats all of the girls abroad. What a nice lady!"

Flattered by what Walter Wang had just said, Jean's hidden inside vanity got significantly satisfied. Jean smiled like a lady, and said, "Thank you."

But Jackson's face darkened, and he looked at Walter Wang, and said, "What are you saying there? She's John's wife, not mine!"

"Dude, you should have really said something wiser, " said Derek. After many years of living abroad, this guy, Walter Wang, had not changed a bit, and his eyes still lit up instantly whenever he saw a pretty woman.

Walter Wang was startled. He had heard John get married, but he had never thought that he could ever find such a gorgeous woman.

In a wired tone, Walter Wang said, "Oh, so she's J

her Jackson, or Walter. Jean's prior target had been Jackson, but she had utterly failed in her two attempts at approaching him. Jackson was too hard to get, but her new friend, Walter Wang, whom she had just met, had perfectly matched her taste in men. However, since Walter Wang had entered the room, she had clearly noticed that he was completely different from the guy that she had met in the corridor before; it was not easy to hit on him either.

When the party was over, everyone drove their cars home. Jean drove her own car., and didn't go with John.

On her way home, Jean contemplated what had happened. She could not go on like this, because she had failed to hit on either Jackson or Walter Wang. John, who clearly could not let go of Cherry, was not someone that she could count on.

The hatred towards Cherry was growing deeper and deeper inside Jean. How come Cherry was able to approach Jackson but she couldn't? Why was Jackson only nice to Cherry? Even her husband, John, could not get Cherry off of his mind, although he was already married to Jean. All that her husband could think about was Cherry.

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