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   Chapter 55 An Encounter In The Restaurant

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When morning came, a ray of sunshine shone into the room while the two people were still asleep in the bed.

Jackson never let the woman out of his arms, and he hugged her even when they were asleep.

Jackson gradually woke up, and when he saw that the woman under him was still asleep, he gently moved not to wake her up, with his hands still around her. He felt a sense of accomplishment when he saw the love marks on her body made by him in the night, and he knew that he would be crazy for Cherry all of his life.

She felt him moving around her and also woke up, and when she opened her eyes, she saw Jackson looking at her.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Don't you know who I am?" asked Cherry.

"Can't I just look at you?" Jackson's voice was very gentle, the only way that he would treat her.

Cherry looked at Jackson and then looked sideways, and said, "Boring!"

"How? Are you already fed up with me?" he asked. When he saw Cherry's action, Jackson was a little disappointed at her.

"No, but I just get a strange feeling when you stare at me like that, " replied Cherry.

Jackson then slightly smiled and held Cherry tight in his arms.

They got out of bed, and had a quick and simple breakfast. After they finished eating, Jackson touched Cherry's hair in a spoiled manner, and said, "What do you want to do today? I'll accompany you."

When she heard him, Cherry was happy that he finally had time to spend with her.

She thought for a while, and replied, "How about we go shopping first and then go watch a movie?"

Jackson thought that Cherry would suggest something unusual and bizarre, and couldn't help but laugh w

tead of focusing on her, Jean was a little angry in her mind. Then she looked around her, and saw that there was no one else.

"Are you here alone? "Where's Cherry, the bit..." but before she finished her sentence, she saw Jackson's killing gaze and immediately changed her words. "Oh, no, why isn't Cherry together with you?"

Jackson furiously replied, "Jean, that's really none of your business."

She pretended to be innocent, and while she looked at Jackson, she said, "Oh, come on, brother-in-law, don't be so irritated! I'm John's wife and Cherry's sister, and we're a family. Why are you so aggressive for nothing?"

Jean's words were equal to nonsense to Jackson. He didn't know what Jean wanted, and didn't want to talk to her either; he just wanted to leave.

After Jackson took just two steps forward, Jean realized that he was about to leave, and she suddenly grabbed Jackson's arm in a desperate way.

Jackson didn't respond at first, and instead stopped and looked at Jean.

But before Jean could say anything, they heard a man's voice not that far away from them.


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