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   Chapter 54 Belong To You Only

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In the evening, Jackson didn't return to the barracks, but asked Derek out to dine in a high-class VIP restaurant in the suburb.

When Jackson and Cherry arrived at the restaurant, they found that Derek, who was wearing his uniform, had already arrived.

When he saw Jackson and Cherry, Derek hastily stood up from his chair, and with a smile on his face, cheerfully said, "There you are, my brother and sister-in-law!"

"Yes, " replied Jackson, while Cherry also nodded her head.

After the three of them sat down at the table, Cherry and Jackson ordered some dishes.

They started to chat while they ate their food, and Derek said, "Jackson, recently, there is nothing important in the barracks left to do, so you can stay at home for a couple of days."

"Then you pay more attention to it, " said Jackson, in a plain tone.

"Okay, I will, " said Derek. After he said this, he looked at Cherry, and, with a cunning smile on his face, said, "My sister-in-law will be the happiest these days."

Hearing Derek's words, Cherry raised her head and looked into Derek's eyes. Her face soon blushed, and she awkwardly said, "Derek, what are you talking about there? Don't make fun of me!"

After she said this, she lowered her head, and continued to eat.

Jackson knew that Cherry was shy. He tittered in his heart, but didn't say a word.

Derek continued to tease her, "Come on, don't be shy, Cherry! You've been married for a long time already..."

Cherry was a bit irritated by him, and said, "Who's shy? Derek, please don't talk about me!" Why would Derek make fun of her? There were obviously three persons there, and Jackson hadn't even said a word in her defense, and instead had watched her being bullied by Derek.

When he saw Cherry's flushed face, Derek laughed helplessly. "Haha!"

It was not until then that Jackson started to speak, and he called out his name in a cold tone. "Derek!"

When he hea

e whispered into Cherry's ears, "Let's start with taking a bath together."

As she hid her head in Jackson's arms, Cherry looked like a tamed child, and inside the bathroom, Jackson gave full play to his manly beastliness. Cherry also pandered to his desires, because she had been alone for a long time.

They were so passionate with each other that they made love in the bathtub, on the floor, and everywhere else that allowed them to do so. They lingered in their love making, and the bathroom was full of water. Cherry had to admit that Jackson was full of energy, and he didn't stop only until Cherry begged him to do so.

After they took a Mandarin duck bath, Jackson wrapped Cherry with a towel and carried her to walk out of the bathroom.

He then put Cherry on the bed, and while he looked at her slightly closed eyes, her ruddy face and snow-white skin, his heart beat faster.

His desire was aroused again, and he forcibly pressed himself on Cherry again to enjoy the pleasant moments with her.

Cherry had just briefly rested before Jackson started on her again. As she looked at his handsome face, she felt intoxicated, and gradually responded to him.

The two passionate lovers were set off again, and the whole room was filled again with their scent of love.

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