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   Chapter 53 Our Hearts

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But what Jean said didn't work on Jackson at all. Jackson still kept his cold tone, and said, "Jean, you're not qualified to say that."

Jackson's words made Jean feel confused, and she couldn't understand what Jackson actually meant with them.

Puzzled, Jean asked, "What? What do you mean with that?"

Jackson stared at Jean, and said, "You are not qualified to talk to me."

Jean was stunned by what Jackson said, and so was Cherry. She was rather surprised that Jackson could treat Jean like that, worse than he would treat a complete stranger.

"Uncle, not go too far, " said Jean, and with her face already twisted, she continued "After all, I...I'm John's wife."

"You can say that to outsiders, but how are you trying to impress us with your status? We know perfectly well how you became the governor's wife, " said Jackson.

Jean couldn't utter anything in answer to Jackson's words, and instead, she directly turned her gaze to Cherry. After this, Jean looked at Jackson again with a reluctant smile on her face, and said, "Uncle, as all of us are understanding and clever people, then there is no need for me to say anything, but then again, how could you have ever gotten married with my sister without

she said. It was obvious that what Jean had said to them in the living room had been just to protect her marriage. She didn't want anyone to threaten her position as the state governor's wife, and it made sense that she had come to him for this.

Jackson softly said to Cherry, "I don't think about other people's affairs, and what I actually need is your companion. I have everything when I'm with you, and because the one that I care for is you, what concerns me, also concerns you. As for the others, I don't want to pay attention to them."

Cherry's heart warmed when she heard his words. It was the same with her, and she would live for Jackson as long as he was beside her, even if all the people around her treated her bad or didn't care about her at all, because Jackson had her heart shielded with his love.

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