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   Chapter 52 Get Close To Him

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John didn't say a word, and he couldn't lay his eyes off of Cherry.

Jackson gave Jean an angry stare, and said, "Jean Shen, behave yourself! She's your aunt!"

Jean was too scared to speak when she saw Jackson's cold eyes, and realized that he was enraged, and that she couldn't provoke him any more.

Everyone stood by without uttering a single word. Lucia, Edwin, Andrew, the butler, all of them knew, but didn't say a word.

Silence reigned for a long time in the living room, but then Cherry suddenly broke it.

She turned to Jean, and in a plain voice, said, "Sister, don't you think that this is retribution for your sins?"

When they heard her, everyone looked at Jean. She was a bit embarrassed, and couldn't speak at first, but she eventually said, "Cherr…Cherry Shen, don't say such nonsense!"

"Isn't it retribution?" asked Cherry. She continued, "You robbed John from me, and now someone robbed John from you. If this isn't retribution, then what is?"

Jean began to be emotional, and cried, "How could she seduce John? She knew that I was John's wife, but she still did it nonetheless! That woman is a bitch! "

"You also knew that John was my boyfriend at that time, why did you lure him?" Although Cherry, as Jackson's wife, didn't want to mention of the past, she just couldn't when she looked at Jean.

Jean lost for words and paused for a moment, but then she replied, "Cherry Shen, even if I hadn't lured him, and you and John had been together for years, he still probably might not have loved you."

Cherry then immediately asked, "Does he love you?"

Jean didn't know how to retort, because John had said that he didn't love Jean at all.

Int he end, Jean kept her silence.

Cherry didn't think for a moment that she had won the battle. She also had dignity in front of Chu and Ye households, and as a person, Cherry wanted to protect herself even if no one protected her.

While she stared at Jean, Cherry said, "Always keep in mind that I am your aunt, and I can clearly tell you that John Ye and I have broken up a long time ago. I now love Jackson, and I am his wife."

Jean didn't know how to reply, and instead kept silent.

Jackson then held Cherry's shoulder, and he was delighted by her words and attitude. As long as Cherry loved him, he was happy. As for John, he w

ea. If she had been able to steal John away from Cherry, then she would also be capable of the same thing with Jackson. Because she had succeeded with John, maybe it would be more easier with Jackson now.

Jean made up her mind, and Jackson would be her next target. John threatened her by divorce. If she could be the wife of the paramount, Jackson's wife, would Jean's status any superior to hers then?

Jean gathered up all of her courage and then walked towards Jackson and Cherry.

"Wow, you're sweet!" said Jean in a rather uncomfortable tone.

Hearing her words, Jackson and Cherry stopped smiling and turned to Jean.

"What are you doing here? Why aren't you with John?" asked Cherry.

Jean smiled, and replied, "Haha, what nonsense are you saying there? John and I always stay together. Do we need to show our sweetness in the Chu household?"

Cherry didn't know how to answer her.

Jackson then suddenly asked, "Then why are you here?"

Jean laughed dissolutely, and said, "I came to chat with you, Uncle Jackson, or, should I say, brother-in-law. We haven't talked in a while with each other after you married Cherry and, well, after I married John. I don't know you at all, and family members should be familiar with each other. Don't you think so?"

Cherry felt uneasy with what Jean said, and thought that Jean must be planning something, or else she would have not gotten so close to them all of a sudden. What else did Jean want from Jackson, after he had helped John? Did she want to find out who that woman was?

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