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   Chapter 51 Do You Still Love Her

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In the morning, Cherry was woken up with a start by the ringing of her mobile phone.

Cherry picked up her phone sleepily and answered without identifying the caller.

"Hello, " said Cherry.

Hearing her listless voice on the phone, Jackson did not want to disturb her from her sleep. He simply said, "Babe."

Cherry opened her eyes immediately and her sleepiness disappeared completely.

"Yes?" Cherry answered.

"Haven't you gotten up yet?" asked Jackson.

"No, I haven't. I'm still in bed, " said Cherry. Then she asked, "What's up? Why are you calling?"

"I'm coming to your house to pick you up. Then we'll drive to the military residential compound and see my grandpa, " said Jackson, quietly.

When she heard him mention the military residential compound, Cherry immediately asked, "Is Grandpa fine?"

"No idea. He just called and asked us to come back, " Jackson answered.

Cherry knew that grandpa's order couldn't be disobeyed, so she said nothing else. Then she told Jackson, "I'm getting up."

"Ok, I'm coming for you. Wait for a while, " Jackson answered.

"All right."

Jackson reached Cherry's house and picked her up. Then they drove to the military residential compound together.

When they entered the yard, they saw John's car parked there. They exchanged astonished looks, but said nothing. Both of them saw that John had arrived already. Perhaps he was not alone.

Jackson took Cherry's hand and walked into the Chu residence together.

As they entered the living room, they saw that all the members of the Ye family were there. Grandpa was sitting on the couch, looking serious, while the butler stood beside him.

"Oh, Jackson and Cherry, you have come." The butler saw Jackson and Cherry and hastily greeted them with respect.

Andrew also looked at his beloved grandson and his granddaughter-in-law. They were his dearest relatives, he thought.

They went to grandpa. Jackson looked at Andrew and said, "Grandpa, we're back."

Cherry also showed him respect, "Grandpa, good morning."

Andrew nodded and said nothing.

Jackson looked around and shot a curious glance at John and Jean. Tears were streaming down Jean's face.

Jackson did not ask Jean what had happened. On the contrary, he turned to Lucia and said, "Lucia, why have you come home today? Aren't you busy?"

Jackson understood his sister's character so well that he knew she wouldn't have come home to visit their grandpa without a serious reason.

Cherry looked at Lucia, then at Jean. She found Jean teary-eyed. Obviously, Jean had been crying a moment ago. Had something happened to h

regretted having married Jean. His mistake had forced him to suffer from the pain of living with Jean.

"You never have had any other woman? You're lying." Jean couldn't help screaming, "Who is that woman you're having an affair with? I wish I had caught you sleeping with her. If I know her name, I will certainly kill her. How dare this bitch seduce my husband?"

Cherry felt satisfied looking at Jean's distorted face. She had caught Jean and John in bed before. It surprised Cherry that Jean found her husband cheating on her soon after her marriage. If Jean could steal another woman's boyfriend, why couldn't other women take her husband from her?

John was now silent. He only wanted to explain all this to Cherry. However, since she stood beside Jackson, he could not get closer to her.

Jean saw John saying nothing. She decided not to give up and added, "Anyway, John, you must promise in front of your family that you will stay loyal to me forever. Otherwise, I will disclose your scandal to the media."

"Jean, I never loved you. I should have told you this before our marriage. If you hate me, we can get divorced, " John said, angrily.

Jean was stunned by John proposing divorce. She had made every efforts in being the governor's wife. How could she divorce John and let this anonymous mistress of John take everything from her?

"John, are you planning to divorce me and marry your mistress? It's not possible." After she said these words, Jean suddenly turned to Cherry and said, "Could it be that you still love Cherry?"

Jean's question caught Cherry by surprise. Cherry gazed at Jean and thought that she had kept silent all along. So how could she now become the culprit behind John's disgraceful love affair?

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