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   Chapter 50 A Chance Meeting At The Hotel (Part Two)

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They went to the bar. Emily arranged a seat in the corner for Cherry, asked her colleague to serve her a few glasses of drinks and then she resumed her work.

Cherry was in the corner, having drinks and looking at the bar, which in the afternoon was largely empty of patrons. She still thought of the scene that had unfolded at noon and was even more confused. Who was that man? What was his relationship with Sally He? Did he know Jackson? What was the relationship between him and Jackson?

When Stephen walked out from the office to check on how his employee were doing, he immediately saw Cherry sitting in the corner. From the worried expression on her face, Stephen knew that she had something on her mind.

Stephen took a deep breath and got ready to greet Cherry. He walked towards her.

Seeing Stephen, Cherry put down the glass, smiled and said, "Hello, Mr An. You've come!"

"Well, why didn't you tell me in advance that you were coming to my bar? Aren't we friends?" Stephen said, with a smile, and gazed at Cherry fondly.

"Yes, we are. I just sat here for a while and I'll be leaving in a minute," explained Cherry, hastily.

Stephen asked the waiter to serve two more glasses of drinks.

Stephen looked at Cherry and knew she had something on her mind. So he asked her, "What's the matter? Is something upsetting you?"

Cherry looked at Stephen. She did not want to reveal this to Stephen, but she felt that he had always been nice to her, so it didn't matter if she told him this thing. She

know that somebody has lied to you, what would you do?"

Stephen asked this question not for someone else, but for himself. He was afraid that Cherry would hate him after he told her things that had happened between him and Jackson.

Cherry was a bit astonished, but she looked at Stephen and saw that Stephen wasn't joking. So she thought for a minute and said, "If I have been deceived, I'll certainly feel angry. I can allow my friends to make mistakes, but I can't stand it if they lie to me."

Stephen was shocked and thought to himself, 'If Cherry doesn't take me as her friend anymore, and even doesn't want to talk to me after she knows everything, then that will make me very sad.'

Cherry noticed his strange expression and asked, "What's wrong?"

Stephen quickly shook his head and said, "No, nothing."

Cherry did not think too much about his expression. Her mind was occupied by thoughts of Sally He before Stephen had asked her this question, and she was still pondering over Sally He's affair.

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