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   Chapter 49 A Chance Meeting At The Hotel (Part One)

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Emily had arrived at the international hotel. She sat by the window in a corner and waited for Cherry.

The moment Cherry entered the hotel lobby, Emily saw her. She waved her arms and shouted, "Cherry, I'm here!"

Cherry saw Emily, went over to her and sat down.

"Why are you so late? We agreed to met in twenty minutes, " Emily complained.

"I got here as quickly as I could, " said Cherry. Then she picked up a glass of cold water and sipped from it.

"Next time you should come sooner, " said Emily. Then she gave Cherry the menu and said, "Well, you shall order the dishes. It's my treat today!"

"Really? Your treat?" Cherry was flattered.

"Have I ever gone back on my word?" said Emily, seriously. Cherry did not know how to react to this.

Cherry hastily shook her head, picked up the menu and began to order the dishes.

The two chatted while eating. Cherry gradually felt better. She was always in a good mood when she was with Emily.

After a while, they were 80 percent full. Emily looked at the leftovers on the table and said, "Cherry, we really have good appetites, don't we? We've eaten more than half of the food."

"Of course. Just think of whom you are having lunch with!" said Cherry, happily.

Emily wanted to go to the bathroom, so she said to Cherry, "Excuse me. I want to go to the bathroom. Just sit here and wait for me."

Cherry nodded and didn't think too much.

After Emily had gone, Cherry casually looked around and a familiar figure caught her attention.

Cherry was surprised and thought that perhaps it was Sally He. Cherry couldn't see her face clearly, but she did resemble Sally

old her nothing about Sally He. So she knew little about Sally He and she could only guess that she wasn't a simple woman.

"No home-wrecker is simple, " Emily added, "Cherry, forget it. It is a good thing that she is with another man. Because, in this way, she won't be with Jackson. Shouldn't you feel relieved?"

Cherry thought to herself, 'Emily is right. If Sally He is with another man, then she won't spend time with Jackson. So I should feel relieved.'

Emily shrugged her shoulders and looked at Cherry. They had finished lunch, so what should they do next?

"Cherry. What should we do next?" asked Emily.

"Let's go to the bar where you work. Don't you need to work in the afternoon? I'll have a few drinks and go home later in the afternoon, " said Cherry. She had nothing else to do. She had the misfortune of meeting Jean and Jade in the morning, and accidentally running into Sally He during lunch. It was a day full of unpleasant surprises. So if she didn't go for a drink to get over the shock, she would feel down and out.

"Okay, let's go to the bar, " said Emily.

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