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   Chapter 47 Love Through Phone Calls

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Before lunch, Harrison took his chance to talk to Cherry while Andrew was not around.

"Cherry, why are you giving me this attitude?" Harrison asked.

"So tell me what attitude should I have towards you?" Cherry retorted.

"I am your father, " Harrison was a bit agitated. He finally realized how it felt to be treated disrespectfully. He cursed silently, 'Cherry, how dare you ignore me like this after your marriage to Jackson!'

"Have you ever acted like a father to me? Do not tell me that, in the past twenty years, you had no idea what I have been through." Cherry was not afraid of Harrison at all. Now that she was married to Jackson, she was backup by the Chu household. If Harrison and Jade ever wanted to mess with her again, they had lost their chance.

Harrison was speechless. Of course he knew how Jean and Jade had treated Cherry all those years. He also remembered how he had turned a blind eye to that.

He also realized that Cherry was behaving nothing like she used to in the past. Back then she was such a obedient girl. He said, angrily, "Cherry, do you think you've become strong and tough now with Chu clan's support? Is that why you are so arrogant?"

"Yeah, I feel like reborn, " said Cherry. Feeling like venting her emotions, she continued, "I have been mistreated by all of you for so long. Am I not allowed to feel good about myself now? You remember how Jade bullied me, how Jean beat me and stole John away from me. And you, my so-called father, you never cared about me. Thanks to all of you, I have become who I am right now. I should give the credit to all of you, that I finally picked myself up and married into such a powerful family."

"I should have never married you into that family, I should have sold you off in a remote place!" Harrison exclaimed, angrily.

Cherry chuckled, "It is a shame that you wanted to sell me for a good price. But you seem to have actually mistaken me for Jade. Did you end up gaining even a penny?" Cherry was actually amused as she thought through the whole thing again. Back then, Jade was clearly intimidated by Jackson's temperament. Jade had failed to make anything out of her wedding.

"Cherry, you..." Harrison was completely infuriated. He wanted to give Cherry a piece of his mind. But before he could even begin, Cherry had given him a lecture!

Glancing at the door, Cherry pretended she was looking at something. She then said to Harrison, "This is the Chu residence where we are standing right now. Do you really want my grandpa to find out how I have been treated?"

Not until then did it occur to Harrison that he was still at the Chu residence, not his own house.

He fell silent after t

dly asked.

"Yeah, he is very well. We went to the park this afternoon and chatted for a while. He was in a good mood, " Cherry answered, in details.

"Thank you, honey, " Jackson said, rather unexpectedly.

"Why thank me?" Cherry was puzzled by what Jackson had said.

"Thank you for visiting grandpa for me. As his grandson, I myself have not fulfilled my duty to give him company." Jackson's voice was incomparably light. His feelings towards Cherry had deepened.

Cherry did not know what to say. After thinking for a while, she replied, "Next time you come back, let's visit grandpa together."

"Okay, " Jackson replied.

"How come you have called me this late? Why are you still up?" Cherry asked. She remembered Jackson had told her they go to bed by ten at the barracks. Now it was already past twelve, so why was he still up?

After a long pause, Jackson's voice came from the other end, "I miss you, honey." His voice was soft and gentle. But still, Cherry clearly heard each words he just said.

With her heart beating rapidly, Cherry was stunned by his words. She felt so warm and excited. Cherry had been expecting these sweet words for a long time!

"Me too, " Cherry finally faced her true feelings.

Cherry was waiting for his reply to come again over the phone.

After a while, Jackson said, "Sleep tight and do not catch a cold."

Was he showing his care for her? Cherry panicked, not knowing how to respond to his sudden caring. She merely said, "Okay."

After hanging up the phone, Cherry held it in her arms for a long time before finally putting it down.

It was another sleepless night for Cherry. Not because she missed Jackson, but because she was mulling over his simple words and gentle caring. Her heart brimmed with warmth and happiness.

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