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   Chapter 45 Sweet Time

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The two of them then did some happy shopping. Cherry was in good mood, and bought some clothes that she liked, and three hours later, both of them held lots of shopping bags in their hands.

Cherry and Emily took a rest on the chairs in the shopping plaza. When Emily saw the shopping bags around them, she asked, "Cherry, how will we carry them home?"

Cherry frowned, and answered, "I have absolutely no idea. Although they're not too heavy, carrying them home might not be that easy."

"I don't have a husband, so nobody is there for me to carry them home. What about you, Cherry? Call him and ask him to help you, " said Emily.

"He works at the army base, not at home, " said Cherry helplessly. She regretted that she had married a soldier, and thought that if she had married an ordinary man and had called him, half an hour later he would have been there to pick her and Emily up.

"He's a commander rather than an ordinary soldier. I guess he isn't that busy, is he? Go on, call him and ask him if he has time. If he isn't busy, he'll come here to pick us up, " said Emily with a wry smile shining on her face.

Cherry looked at Emily, and thought of calling Jackson. She remembered that he had told her that she could call him if necessary, and she thought that if he indeed wasn't busy, he could actually meet them there and help them to carry their clothes home.

Cherry then took her mobile phone and called Jackson.

And a moment later, he answered.

Jackson's attractive voice was heard on the phone, and said, "Hello."

"Uh..." Cherry was nervous, and couldn't find her words.

"What's up?" asked Jackson.

"Are you busy now? If you're not, can you come and pick me up?" Cherry was careful, because Jackson's rage was too much to endure, if it was triggered.

Jackson now knew that Cherry was outside, and asked, "Where are you?"

When she heard Jackson's question, Cherry hastily replied, "I'm shopping at the plaza, but we've already bought lots of things and can't carry them home. Can you come and drive us home?"

Cherry said the last sentence in a tender and soft tone, because she was still afraid that she might somehow anger Jackson.

After a long pause, Jackson still said nothing, and Cherry eventually felt disappointed, and said, "If you're busy, we'll find another way to go home, although my feet are aching..."

Just before Cherry was about to hang up the phone, she heard Jackson's voice again.

He said, "Don't move. I'll come in twenty minutes, " and then immediately hung up.

Dazed, Cherry looked at her phone, and didn't even notice that the call had ended.

But Emily saw it, and asked, "What did he say? Is he coming or not?"

Cherry repeated Jackson's words, "Don't move. He'll come in twenty minutes."

Emily smiled, and said, "I told you that if you a

went straight into the house, and left the shopping bags inside the car.

Jackson knew that his wife had lost her temper. He said nothing, and instead took the shopping bags out of the car and got inside the house.

Later in the evening, Jackson was reading a book in the study, while Cherry was watching TV inside the living room. At ten o'clock, Jackson felt sleepy, and he walked out of his study to their bedroom, but Cherry wasn't there.

Jackson then came downstairs, and saw that Cherry was sitting on the couch and watching TV.

He came to sit beside her, and said, "It's late, let's go to sleep."

"Leave me alone, " said Cherry coldly.

Looking at the angry expression on the face of his beloved woman, Jackson felt a bit happy.

He put his arm around Cherry's shoulder and embraced her, and tenderly and lovingly said, "Please don't be angry at me, you've been doing this since the afternoon. I'm really sorry."

"Jackson, did you plan to anger me today?" asked Cherry. She had just pretended to be angry, although she still felt that Jackson had started the quarrel on purpose.

"No, I didn't. I just didn't want to see any lecherous men around you, " said Jackson, and tenderly bit Cherry's earlobe.

"Aren't you such a man?" she asked. Cherry enjoyed the moments when Jackson would hold her in his arms.

"You shouldn't have other lecherous men around you, except me." After he said this, Jackson lifted Cherry up from the couch and carried her to the bedroom.

Surprised, Cherry asked, "What are you doing?"

Jackson shot a wry glance at the woman in his arms, and said, "Going to sleep. What else do you think we're going to do at this late hour of the night?"

Before they entered their bedroom, Cherry quickly said, "We can go to sleep, but don't try to do anything else. Be careful, I'm warning you!"

"Do you want me to do anything else?"

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