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   Chapter 44 Shopping With Best Friend

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The afternoon sun shined bright into the stuffy love room.

Cherry was sound asleep, and just like a lovely puppy, she was nestled comfortably in Jackson's arms.

Jackson slowly opened his eyes and saw that Cherry was still asleep. She had burrowed her head into his arms, letting Jackson know how insecure she actually felt, and when he thought of that, he loved her even more.

After some time, Cherry also woke up, but before she opened her eyes, she stretched her arms and felt that someone was holding her. There was no doubt that it was Jackson.

She opened her eyes and slightly turned, and saw that Jackson was staring at her.

"Oh, you're awake, " said Jackson tenderly, without his high-handed, usual attitude.

"Yes, I am, " replied Cherry. She felt that her whole body was stiff. She wanted to change her position, but when she moved her leg a little, she felt a piercing pain coming from her private parts.

Cherry couldn't help but cry out, "Ouch!"

"What's up?" asked Jackson hastily, looking at her face apprehensively.

When she saw him, Cherry was even more mad at him, and shouted, "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't ache this much."

"Does it really hurt?" Jackson asked. He was very worried about her, and also regretted that he had just enjoyed himself without caring a bit about how she was feeling.

"Bullshit! You'd still be happy even if you tormented me to death!" Cherry vented all her anger on Jackson, and she didn't care whether he would be angry at her, or whether his face would darken; she just wanted to release the anger from her heart.

Unexpectedly, Jackson didn't dare to get mad when he saw Cherry angry. He instead held Cherry tight in his arms, and in a spoiled tone, said, "Okay, don't be angry, it's all my fault."

Cherry actually was not angry at all with him, and she leaned in Jackson's arms, and felt very happy. She didn't expect that Jackson would spoil her this much, and she even thought that life could still be wonderful if she didn't fuss and care about things too much.

Suddenly, just like a spoiled child, Cherry said, "Jackson, I'm hungry now."

Jackson whispered in Cherry's ears, "Okay, let's go and eat out. What would you like?"

"Cantonese cuisine, " said Cherry, and couldn't help but gulp when she thought of the delicious food.

"Okay, no problem, I'll take you out, " agreed Jackson. He continued, "Baby, let's take a shower first and then go out for dinner."

"But my body aches and I can't move, " replied Cherry, in a spoiled way.

"I will carry you."

"Don't bother me while I'm in the bathroom!" warned Cherry. She worried that her bossy husband would take advantage of her.

eared at the door of the shopping mall and waited for Cherry.

Cherry saw Emily standing at the door the moment she got out of her taxi, and rushed to her.

"Emily!" screamed Cherry.

Emily was also very excited when she saw Cherry, and she held her tight in her arms, and said, "I was dying to see you! Why didn't you come to see me these days?"

"I missed you too! I couldn't wait to ask you out!" said Cherry happily, with a smile drawn all over her face. She was always happy to be with her best friend Emily.

Emily teased her, and said, "So, did Jackson agree to let you out?"

Whenever she spoke of Jackson, Cherry's face filled with happiness. She said, "He's returned to the army base, and I'm home alone."

Emily deliberately scolded her, and said, "Then why didn't you come to see me since you're alone? What kind of friend are you?" but when she saw Cherry's happy face, she was even more contented.

"Okay, okay, I was wrong. Miss Emily, how about I make it up to you by buying a big meal another day?" said Cherry. She was like a child who leaned close to Emily.

Emily had no temper whatsoever whenever Cherry acted like that. From the time they were kids, Emily would always soften up and do whatever Cherry said as long as she said it in her own spoiled childish way.

Emily helplessly shook her head, and said, "Let's go, Mrs. Chu. What do you want to buy today?"

"Oh, how unpleasant it is to call me Mrs. Chu! Just call me by my name, " said Cherry. Although she said that Mrs. Chu was unpleasant to hear, her heart was very happy, because this was the first time that she had been called Mrs. Chu. It meant that she was Jackson's woman. What a sacred salute!

Emily couldn't help but shake her head as she looked at the little woman next to her.

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