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   Chapter 41 Worry In The Heart (Part Two)

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The butler stood by and watched Andrew's contemplative expression. He pondered on it for a while and finally gathered the courage to ask, "Sir, what's bothering you?"

Hearing the question, Andrew knew that the butler had noticed something was wrong. Andrew did not hide anything and said, "Do you think that the love between Jackson and Sally He was the only reason for her to come back?"

The butler mulled this over, and then he shook his head, "I don't think that's the only reason."

His reply intrigued Andrew. The butler had a keen observation, which was as good as his. The butler must have his own reasons for saying this.

Andrew looked at the butler, encouraging him to go on.

"Sir, don't you think Sally He knew that Jackson was married? Even the soldiers on our borders have heard the news about Jackson's marriage. Sally He also must have heard the news, because the place she was hiding in was connected to the army, " the butler analyzed.

"Do you mean, " Andrew looked at the butler, "Sally He has come back for other reasons?"

The butler nodded, "Indeed. But I cannot guess what those other reasons are."

Andrew was also lost in thought. He now worried about Jackson's safety. Andrew looked on his dear grandson to be as important as his own life. If anyone dared to hurt his dear grandson, no matter what happened, he would ensure that things did not end well for that person.

The butler noticed the Master's silence and continued, "The He family cut off its connections with

n, Stephen An and Sally He. John Ye might know a bit, as well. Derek will not stand by if anything happens to Jackson. You know Derek better than anyone else, for we have known him since he was a child. That means Stephen An and Sally He are not as dangerous as we think."

Andrew nodded, "Indeed. I am much relieved that Derek is standing by Jackson's side."

"Right. So now we'd better observe what will happen. It's for Mrs. Shen that Jackson got hurt this time, " said the butler.

"I can handle Sally He if she tries to harm Jackson again, " Andrew paused for a second, "but I am afraid that someone else is hiding behind Sally He."

Hearing his word, the butler shivered.

Andrew held his crutch and walked towards the window. He looked at the sky outside the window, with sadness and depression in his heart.

"Our family has accumulated too many old scores. But no matter what happens, I will protect my grandson. I can't let Jackson's parents down."

Andrew's words echoed in the room.

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