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   Chapter 40 Worry In The Heart (Part One)

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However, Cherry was surprised by Jackson's response.

"Cherry Shen, " Jackson shouted, his angry eyes staring at Cherry, "If you sue her, it won't end well for you!"

At that moment, Cherry's heart broke.

Cherry walked back a few steps. Was this the real Jackson? He would risk everything for the one he cared and loved. Was it for relieving Sally He's guilt that Jackson had shielded Cherry from the knife?

Jackson looked at Cherry. He wanted to tell her that he did love her, but he didn't want Sally He to get hurt. Sally He had lost her parents and had a hard time all these years. What Jackson wanted was to stop her from more hardship.

Cherry stood there, stunned. She couldn't believe what had just happened. Just a few hours ago, this was the man who had protected her. Now, it was also the same man who had hurt her to protect another woman.

A fleeting thought occurred to Sally He when she saw this scene. She ran towards Jackson, held his hand and pretended that they were intimate. She was delighted deep in her heart. She thought, 'Jackson still loves me. He must still love me in his heart.'

As for Jackson, he kept staring at Cherry. He wanted to tell her that he hadn't meant those words.

After a while, Cherry felt that her legs were numb. She did not look at Jackson. She thought everything had ended and the man in front of her indeed did not belong to her.

Cherry slowly walked out of the ward.

Wandering around on the streets, Cherry did not want to go back home, which was now a mess because of Sally He. Would it make any sense e

son wasn't that angry, "Well, do we still need to spy on Cherry? If Cherry finds out, you..."

Jackson thought for a while and said, "Let the man keep stalking her."

It was clear that Derek had to carry out Jackson's order.

They arrived at the house. Jackson rushed out of the car and ran inside, only to find out that Cherry was not at home.

Jackson was angry and disregarded the severe pain on his back caused by his running. He was thinking only about Cherry.

"Jackson. What should we do? Cherry is staying somewhere else." Derek was worried.

"Find out where she is. Even if you have to go through the whole city, find her, " Jackson frowned.

"Got it. I'll go and do it now." Then Derek turned around and walked away.

Jackson sat on the sofa, feeling wooden. His heart was aching. Where are you, Cherry?

Andrew returned to the military's residential compound. He kept thinking of what had happened to Jackson, and realized that Jackson may not be the only reason for Sally He's return. Things appeared more complicated.

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