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   Chapter 39 The Crime Of Destroying A Military Marriage

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Andrew gazed at the three of them but said nothing. He knew his grandson's intention. After all, he had a vivid memory of things that had happened years ago.

Seeing this situation, Jean could not hold herself back and asked, "Jackson, why don't you introduce this girl to us? You must know her, right?"

Everyone looked at Jackson and wondered how he would introduce Sally He.

Sally He noticed Jackson's embarrassment, so she hastily introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Sally He. I've heard that John got married, so you must be his wife. Am I right? You're so beautiful!"

But Sally He's compliment did not distract Jean. She still looked at Jackson and Cherry and then she turned to Cherry.

"Cherry, are you sad for this woman? Or for your husband's wound?" Jean asked, aggressively.

Before Cherry could answer her question, Jackson coldly said, "Jean, heed your status. She is my wife!"

His words silenced Jean. Jean was angry and she wanted to retort back, but she dared not offend him when she looked at Jackson's cold face. Jackson was dangerous even when he was wounded.

Lucia felt that the atmosphere was a bit tense, so she hurriedly said, "Jackson, just take care of yourself in the hospital. If you need anything, let me know."

"Even though I need something, I don't need you to satisfy my needs." Jackson replied, coldly.

John was a bit angry, so he said, "Uncle Jackson, how dare you speak to my mom like this! After all, she is your sister."

"John Ye, who are you to lecture me?" Jackson was impolite with everyone.

John said nothing.

Cherry saw that Jackson had donned a long face and was cruel to everyone.

"If he doesn't have the right to lecture you, do I?" Cherry said, stood up and released Jackson's hand. Then she took a few steps back to distance herself from Jackson.

Jackson looked at Cherry, astonished. He hadn't expected her to react this way.

Cherry pointed at Sally He and then looked at Jackson, saying, "If it hadn't been for her, would you be wounded? Would we have become like this?"

Hearing Cherry's words, those around realized that the reason why Cherry was mad at Jackson was actually because Sally He had come back.

Jean intended to exacerbate their contradiction, so she asked, "That's it! No wonder Cherry has been crying so sadly. It is because she has been wronged and nobody knows."

"Jean, this is not time for you to thrust your nose in my business!" Cherry was angry, too. How dare Jean say that in such a situation?

"Cherry!" Jean said, angrily, "Who the hell are you to lecture me?" Don't blame others for your own poor fate! You are a bitch! Just like your shameless mom! Both of you deserve to be abandoned. Both of you are the fifth wheel, no matter where you are!"

Jean swore at Cherry the way she used to at their home in the old days. She did not notice that Andrew's and Jackson's faces had darkened with anger.

"Jean! Do you want to die?" Jackson almost yelled at Jean.

Except for Andrew, everyone else shivered. Even Sally He, standing in the corner, was scared. Everyon

Cherry and then strode out of the room in her high heels.

Only Jackson, Cherry and Sally were still in the room.

Jackson looked at Cherry, who was standing not far away. Her face had a blank expression.

Then he reached his hand out and said to Cherry, "Come here."

Seeing Jackson's gesture, Cherry had no desire to approach him.

"No, " Cherry said.

"What on earth do you want?" Jackson drew back his hand and looked at Cherry, who had always been a headache for him.

Cherry thought that since there were only the three of them in the room, and since things had come to this, she should say the things that needed to be said.

"Now that there are just the three of us here, I think I should make something clear." Cherry summoned up her courage and continued, "Jackson, I know that our marriage is a loveless marriage. If you love her, you can just tell me and I'm willing to help you out. But..."

Cherry paused, looked at Sally He and said, "Before we get the divorce, don't get involved in our lives!"

"Why? You two have no feelings for each other. Jackson loves me!" Sally He said, proudly.

"Sally, shut up!" Jackson's tone was not so strong this time.

Cherry and Sally He just did not care what Jackson said.

"Even though he loves you, we are still a legally married couple. So what right do you have to break up our marriage?" Cherry said. The previous Cherry, who stood everything, was gone. She had gradually become stronger. She knew that she should defend her dignity, happiness and the so-called love at the appropriate time.

"Cherry! As long as Jackson loves me, I will try my best to be with him, whatever the cost." Sally He's determination irritated Cherry.

"Sally He, I will accuse you of breaking up a military marriage and punish you for the crime of destroying it. Do you believe that?" Jackson and Sally He heard Cherry say these words.

Hearing this, Sally He almost froze. She had suffered a lot from the military court. Whenever the military court was mentioned, she felt really terrified.

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