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   Chapter 38 Fortuitous Injury

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On the second floor, Sally He checked one room after another.

Cherry had no idea what Sally He was looking for. Following her, she asked, "Sally He, what are you doing?"

Ignoring her question, Sally continued her search.

As she pushed open the door of Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen's bedroom, Sally He was stunned. As she stood by the door, she felt sick seeing Jackson's and Cherry's pajamas over the hanger, as well as the luxurious decoration.

Finally, Sally's gaze fixed on the wedding picture in front of the bed. In the picture, both Jackson and Cherry looked happy and perfectly-matching.

Sally He was in an agonizing rage. She walked toward the bed and angrily pulled the wedding picture off the wall.

"I hate you two looking happy, " said Sally. Then she threw the picture down onto the floor.

The frame's glass shattered.

Cherry was agitated when she saw her wedding picture's glass front being shattered. She pushed Sally He aside and shouted at her, "Sally He, I warn you. Don't touch our wedding picture, ever."

"No, no, " Sally He had completely gone insane. In spite of Cherry's protest, she looked around, searching for other pictures.

When she saw wedding pictures on the table, as well as hanging on the wall, Sally rushed to them, pulled them off the wall and tossed them on the floor.

Seeing what Sally He was doing, Cherry tried to stop her. "Sally, stop. Don't touch my pictures, " she said, angrily.

Cherry's heart ached. Although she had promised herself that she would suppress her affection toward Jackson, after seeing the shattered picture frames on the floor, she couldn't help rushing forward to try and stop the damage.

"Why are you stopping me? Cherry, who the hell are you? I should be the one with Jackson, not you." With these words, Sally He was about to smash the last wedding picture on the table.

Cherry blocked Sally He's way. She grabbed both her arms and tried to stop this insane act.

"Sally, get out of here right now! How dare you run amok in my house?" said Cherry, in extreme rage.

"Cherry, I'm going to kill you." Sally He's rage was getting out of control.

They started to exchange blows.

Jackson Chu came back home. He heard the strange sound coming from upstairs and immediately knew that something was wrong. He rushed upstairs.

At the door, Jackson saw the mess in the bedroom as well as the two women going crazy and fighting with each other.

A sudden rage rose in Jackson's mind.

Jackson rushed toward them, pulled Sally He aside and stood in front of Cherry, trying to separate them.

Sally He gave Jackson a slap on his chest, which was meant for Cherry. Seeing that Jackson was standing in front of Cherry, Sally He snapped, "Why are you defending her? What the hell are you doing?"

"Because she's my wife, " Jac


Andrew said nothing. He shot a reproachful glance at Jackson and Cherry, and thought they were really bad at taking care of each other.

All of a sudden, Andrew Chu looked attentively at Sally He, who was standing in a corner.

So did Lucia and John. John was astonished at the fact that Sally had not been much to look at in the past, but had now matured into such a beauty. She looked like a noble princess.

Edwin paid little attention to Sally and had vague knowledge of her. He knew that his brother-in-law had disobeyed a military order for her when they were young.

Jean Shen saw the way John was looking at Sally. She was a bit angry. Has he fallen in love with Sally already? Is it possible? Jean thought.

"When did you come back?" said Andrew Chu, with authority.

"About a month ago, Grandpa, " Sally replied, respectfully.

"Don't call me Grandpa, " Andrew said, angrily, as he corrected her. Then he added, "Where are you living now?"

"A villa in the suburbs, by the seaside, " Sally answered honestly. She didn't dare to tell a lie to this old man. She knew Andrew's punishment to liars more clearly than others.

Andrew knew for sure, as Sally had come back, she brought back trouble. Perhaps Sally was the person accounting for Jackson's wound and Cherry's tears.

Jackson seemed to sense his grandpa's thoughts. He said hastily, "Grandpa, don't blame Sally. She had nothing to do with this. I'll take care of her."

It was clear that Jackson was trying to defend her. However, everybody in the ward had noticed that Sally had to do with his wound, in spite of his denial.

Cherry was angry to see Jackson defending Sally. She was so angry that she shook off Jackson's hand from hers.

Jackson knew Cherry must be angry. So he casually grasped her hand. How could he allow his beloved wife to get away from him? He thought to himself.

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