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   Chapter 35 Let Me Take You Away (Part Two)

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"Cherry, do you think you can escape from my control?" Jackson asked.

"What you think? I believe the answer in your heart is more accurate than mine, isn't it?" Cherry said in reply.

Cherry continued to speak, peacefully, "I have never thought about running away. What I want is just to find my freedom. Jackson, isn't it good for us to have our own lives?"

Before Jackson could answer, the door of the hotel room was pushed open. Jackson realized that he had not locked the door.

Sally stood beside the door, and saw Jackson and Cherry staring at each other. The expression on their faces revealed what they were talking about.

"Jackson, " Sally whispered and walked towards Jackson.

Snuggling up to Jackson, Sally tried to narrow the gap between Jackson and her.

This scene was highly offensive to Cherry's eyes. After all, her husband was hugging another woman right in front of her.

Looking at Cherry's expression, Jackson wanted to push Sally away. However, he felt Sally pulling him in so tightly, that he couldn't move at all.

Sally turned her attention to Cherry, "Cherry, so you are Jackson's wife in name, right? Don't you know I am the one Jackson actually loves?"

Cherry just stood there, keeping her body still.

Bowing his head, Jackson looked down at Sally in his arms and said in surprise, "Sally!"

Though Jackson wanted to stop her, he didn't know what to tell her. He was afraid that he would say something that could hurt Sally, making her do something real

est my limits, " Jackson warned him.

Stephen changed his tone, as well, and retorted, "Jackson, how about my limits? Since you can't protect her, I will do the job."

"No way, " Jackson said, bluntly.

Paying no attention to Jackson's words, Stephen said to Sally, "Sally, you have been hiding for so many years. Are you sure you are okay now? If you dare touch Cherry again, I will see to it that you spend the rest of your life in a military prison."

"Stephen An!" Jackson shouted loudly, unable to repress his anger anymore.

Stephen continued his attack, "What? Do you feel hurt? If you want to protect her well and keep her from suffering, then do that forever. Be careful that I would do something one day and surprise you. By then, you'll be too late."

With these words, Stephen said to Cherry, "Let's go."

Cherry nodded, paying no attention to Jackson. Her heart felt completely dead at this moment.

Stephen drove Cherry home as they were no longer in the mood for the party.

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