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   Chapter 34 Let Me Take You Away (Part One)

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Jackson walked straight to the hotel, dragging Cherry along. Asking for the room key from the waiter, he pulled her into the hotel room.

"Jackson, what are you doing? Let me go." Cherry struggled to set herself free and kept shouting.

Jackson kicked the door shut, lifted up Cherry and entered the bedroom. He threw Cherry on the big bed and got on top of her.

They were so close, but Cherry still kept on resisting, "Jackson, release me, you bully, what are you going to do?"

"What do you think I'm going to do?" Jackson said, grabbing Cherry by her waist. It had been so long since the last time he touched her. How he wished he could now devour her completely.

"Stop it, this is a hotel, " Cherry screamed.

"What's wrong with the hotel? Didn't your first time happen in a hotel?" Jackson said.

Cherry instantly froze. She did not fight against Jackson anymore. She lay underneath him quietly, staring at him with dazed eyes.

Jackson was scared by her behavior. What was the matter with her?

Cherry began to gaze at Jackson, with dread in her eyes. That first time was her personal nightmare. How did he know about it? Had he sent people to investigate her? Then he must know who that man was.

"How do you know my first time happened in a hotel?" Cherry asked, without concealing her surprise. Anyway, since there was no affection between Jackson and her, who cared about the first time?

Jackson did not know how to reply. Cherry was not aware that the man who had deflowered her was none other than Jackson. Recalling that he had forced himself on

from her hair, Cherry changed her tone and her expression. She become cold.

"Whether I go home or not, has nothing to do with you." Cherry's cold tone stabbed into Jackson's heart.

"What do you want to do?" Jackson asked.

"I'm going for accompanying Stephen for the rest of the party. Since the party is not yet over, how can I leave him alone and go back home?" Cherry said.

Hearing what Cherry had said, Jackson's face turned gray, "Do you care about Stephen so much?"

"Yes, " Cherry said, without thinking, "Just the way you feel about Sally."

"Cherry, what do you really want to do?" Jackson was angry. He looked at Cherry. Why did this woman have to do the opposite of what he said?

"There is nothing wrong with me. You take part in your party and I will attend mine. No need for interference at all, " Cherry finished. She seemed to recall something, and continued, "Well, do you remember what I have told you before? We are a couple in name only. What you do is not my concern, and my affairs have nothing to do with you."

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