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   Chapter 33 She Is Mine (Part Two)

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"Okay." And then he was about to hold Cherry's hand and take her away.

But before they could go any further, Cherry and Stephen saw that everyone had turned to look towards the doorway. They too looked in that direction.

John and Jean turn their sights to the doorway, as well.

"Hehe, today's party is going to be so much fun, " a sneer appeared on Jean's face.

A cold shiver ran down Cherry's spine. It was the demon. Was there any place he would not show up?

"How could my uncle bring her here?" John was a bit surprised. Many questions were swirling in his head.

Stephen just stared at Jackson and Sally, who were standing nearby, without saying a word.

"Cherry, it turns out that Jackson has abandoned you and now has a new girlfriend." Jean smiled, happily. She was happy as long as Cherry lived a terrible life.

"Can you shut up?" John said to Jean. He couldn't stand this any more.

Jean saw that John was really angry. So the only thing she could now do was fall silent and stand next to him.

Seeing Cherry and the other three people, Jackson's expression got colder. A trace of hatred could be seen between his eyebrows. Why couldn't Cherry free him from worrying about her? She was now not only with Stephen, but also John.

Jackson said something to Sally, released her hand immediately, and walked towards Cherry.

Standing in front of Cherry, Jackson couldn't utter a word as he was so mad at her.

"Uncle, how could you bring her here?" John asked, curiously. Though several years had pa

he said, "Jackson, why do I have to listen to you?"

"Because you are my woman. You must listen to me, " Jackson demanded.

"Hehe." Cherry looked at Sally, who was talking with somebody. A sneer appeared on her face, "And what about Sally? Isn't she your woman, as well?"

"Cherry, " Jackson called Cherry's name grimly, wondering why this woman couldn't understand that she was the only person in his heart.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Cherry continued to resist, totally ignoring that Jackson had become angry.

In a fit of rage, Jackson seized Cherry's hand, prepared to drag her away.

Seeing that Jackson was going to drag Cherry away, Stephen seized Cherry's arm immediately and glared at Jackson. He said, "She is my female companion. You can't take her away."

A deadly chill rose from Jackson's entire body. He stared at Stephen and said, "She is mine."

With these words, Jackson pulled Cherry away, completely neglecting that he had gripped her so hard, that Cherry was already in pain.

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