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   Chapter 32 She Is Mine (Part One)

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Outside the shopping mall, Cherry hurried to a vacant corner. Leaning against the wall, she felt weak all over.

"Cherry, are you okay?" Stephen asked, anxiously, though he had guessed that it was Jackson who had upset her so much.

"I'm okay, " Cherry replied to Stephen, in spite of her true feeling.

"It's about Jackson, right?" Stephen asked.

Cherry realized that Stephen had figured out what she was thinking about. Since she treated Stephen as her friend, Cherry believed it was unnecessary to conceal her true feelings from him.

"That woman is actually the person he cares about most in his heart." Cherry's mind wandered back to Sally He.

Looking at Cherry, Stephen explained, "They grew up together. If that accident hadn't happened, they would have been married."

"You just referred to an accident. So what exactly happened back then?" Cherry turned her gaze to Stephen, looking forward to his answer.

But Stephen appeared to avoid this question. He averted his eyes from Cherry and said, "Cherry, it's our affair. Jackson will tell you if he want you to know."

On one hand, Stephen was a bit afraid of Jackson, since he would not forgive him if Stephen revealed details about that accident. On the other hand, he did not want Cherry to know too much about it, because it was obvious that she had fallen in love with Jackson. She might do something bad and hurt herself if she knew the truth. He wanted to avoid that possibility.

"Why would he tell me?" Cherry said, hopelessly, "I'm nothing in his heart. Maybe it'

too wrathful to say another word. She had figured out what Cherry's words meant. It was obvious that she wanted to get John back from her. John had become the governor of this city, a successful man that so many girls wanted to marry. How could she allow Cherry to snatch him away?

Stephen, standing by Cherry, did not take what she had said seriously because he knew these were just angry words. Being acquainted with Cherry for so long, he was familiar with her tone.

John turned his gaze to Stephen, and then looked back at Cherry, "Cherry, what are you doing with him?"

"What's wrong? Can't I be with him?" Cherry asked.

"Why can't Cherry do that? Whatever she does is supported by Master Chu." Jean felt so indignant. Especially when she saw Cherry's fortune, as well as the men around her, Jean just wanted to step forward and kill her.

John did not say a word. He just quietly kept staring at Cherry.

Cherry was not keen on talking with him. "Let's go, " she said to Stephen, who was standing next to her.

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