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   Chapter 31 Party Accident (Part Two)

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"They're all good fits for you. You look stunning in this one!" Stephen smiled and came near Cherry. They stood together before the mirror and looked at the eye-catching reflection.

"I'll take it. I like blue." Cherry smiled with satisfaction, looking at her slim figure outlined by the blue dress.

"Good, I'll pay." Stephen beamed.

Cherry smiled and returned to the dressing room.

While Stephen was paying the bill, the cashier looked at him and complimented, "Your girlfriend is really beautiful."

Stephen knew who the cashier was referring to. The corners of his mouth twisted up. "Thank you, " he said.

When Cherry and Stephen took the dress and were about to leave the mall, they noticed two people coming their way. They stopped.

Sally was walking in with Jackson, happily holding his arm. Suddenly, she sensed that Jackson had slowed down. She followed Jackson's gaze, and she saw Stephen and the woman besides him.

Jackson, burning with rage, shook off Sally He's hand and walked up to them.

Sally He had thought that Jackson was furious with Stephen. She followed him.

Jackson's gaze cut through Cherry like a knife. He stared at her and said, slowly, "Is this your way of spending your free time?"

Cherry looked away and inhaled deeply, calming herself. Then she said, "Yes, I felt bored staying alone at home. So why not come out and have fun?"

"So you've come out and had fun with him? Cherry Shen!" Jackson snarled. 'How could this woman dare go shopping with another man?' he

an anyone else.

In her panic, she argued, "Who do you think you are? No one will believe what you say."

Stephen sneered. He glanced at Sally He and then looked back at Jackson, "I think you know what I can do."

Jackson was silent. He knew very well that Stephen must have someone very powerful backing him up, since he was able to take control of all the places of entertainment in the city. He was a tough nut to crack.

Seeing Jackson's reaction, Sally He realized that she must have underestimated Stephen.

Cherry did not know what they were talking about. She only knew that the two men had been acquainted with each other for many years. She had been too irritated to care about their grudges.

"Stephen, let's get out of here, " said Cherry.

"Okay, " Stephen answered delightedly, his eyes still on Jackson. He let go of Jackson and got rid of his grip on him.

They walked past Jackson.

As they were leaving, Sally He silently stared at Cherry's back, her eyes glinting with hatred.

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