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   Chapter 18 A Wave Of Unrest In The Parking Lot (Part Two)

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Feeling John slowly ease his grip on her arm, Cherry immediately flung away his hand and stood some distance away from him.

Jean stepped forward to stand between them. She glanced at John and said fiercely, "John, can't you still get over this bitch? She is now your aunt."

With that, she turned to look at Cherry and slapped her on her face without saying a word.

The slap was so loud that the sound reverberated around them.

Cherry couldn't help but stagger back several steps. She lowered her head and covered her face with her hair.

"Jean, what are you doing?" rebuked John. He immediately stepped in front of Jean to protect Cherry and keep her safe.

"What am I doing? I am teaching my shameless sister a lesson. How dare a married woman seduce her sister's fiance? Don't you think that she deserved the slap?" Jean shouted, loudly. She did think that what she had done was right.

All of a sudden, Cherry spoke, "Sister? What a joke! Jean Shen, did you really consider me as your sister? Did you feel ashamed when you were having sex with my boyfriend?"

"Why should I feel ashamed? I love John and he is willing to accept me. So tell me, why should I feel ashamed?" Cherry retorted. Usually, Jean had one hundred percent chance of winning when she faced Cherry. Cherry had been bullied since she was a little child. How could she now put up a fight?

"Jean, if you hadn't drugged my wine, how could I..." John did not finish his sentence because he knew that Jean understood what he meant.


like cutting short her life.

"What? Who dared to ruin my great-grandson's future? Is he asking for death?" said Andrew, in a serious tone.

"I don't know. I have asked several friends to check it out, but they are not allowed to say anything." said Edwin.

Lucia's eyes were full of hatred. "Someone must be envious of John and is playing dirty tricks. Grandpa, you must find out who is behind this evil act."

Begged Lucia, tugging at Andrew's clothes.

Andrew thought for a while and said, "Don't worry. I will send someone to investigate this. If there is indeed someone playing dirty tricks on John, I will not let him get away."

Hearing this, Lucia felt relieved. Since Andrew had taken up the matter, everything would be fine. For Andrew's reach and power were there for all to see.

Andrew commanded the butler, "Go to check on this now and get me the report in half an hour."

"Yes, sir." The butler said and then turned away.

Lucia and Edwin sat in the living room, waiting for the news.

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