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   Chapter 22 The Gathering In The Chu Family (Part Two)

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Before Cherry could respond, Jackson had already carried her on his arms and walked towards the bathroom.

At the shopping mall, Cherry was in such a good mood that she held Jackson's arm. They went window-shopping. She tried on every dress she liked and bought everything that fit her. Anyhow, Jackson was paying and she did not have to care about money.

Cherry was busy trying on various items she liked, but Jackson was feeling exhausted. Looking at her happy face, he also felt happy, even though he had a few complaints. He thought it was a happy thing to go shopping with Cherry and seeing her smile.

A thought occurred to him. He hoped that his love would help Cherry forget all the previous pain in her life, and allow her to live a happy life with him from now on.

With both hands holding shopping bags, Jackson, arm linked with Cherry's, walked out of the shopping mall.

When Jackson and Cherry passed by Jade, they did not notice her at all.

But Jade saw them. She kept a close watch on them, until they faded into the distance.

"Jade, isn't that girl your younger daughter? I heard she married into the Chu family. Look how happy they are! Her husband is also very handsome and he is said to be a capable man," exclaimed one of rich ladies beside Jade.

"Exactly. Look how much stuff they have bought. Her husband is so good to her," added another rich lady.

"You are right. Cherry is very lucky. Chu family's power is well-known in elite circles. And Jackson is treating Cherry so well, Cherry must be loved dearly in the Chu family.

"I agree."

Hearing the ladies' chatting, Jade's heart filled with rage. How could Cherry live so happily? How could a slut like her have the pedigree to live like an elite? Only Jean deserved such a high life. And Cherry? No way!

Jade was so angry that she excused herself saying she was not feeling good. She returned home.

The moment she reached home, she asked Jean, who was sleeping, to get up. She wanted to discuss Jean's wedding plans. Holding her daughter's hands, she and Jean sat on the sofa in the living room.

"Jean, I think your wedding with John should be held as soon as possible," said Jade, in a huff. "You should have seen Cherry shopping with Jackson today and the smile on that slut's face. Jackson even bought her lots of stuff. All my friends said that she was lucky and happy to have such an outstanding husband. I was so furious that I really wanted to slap Cherry. I don't understand why someone would love that bitch."

Hearing a

bout Cherry, Jean became agitated. She had been better than her in every aspect since childhood. How could she get married to such a highly-esteemed family and enjoy high position and great wealth? No, she must marry into a family better than Cherry's. She couldn't lose. Cherry didn't deserve such a good man.

Jade held Jean's hand and told her,"Jean, you'd better hurry up and discuss the wedding plans with John. Once you are married, and after John is the governor, you will be the lady of the governor. At that time, you can have whatever you want."

Jade felt great thinking of these things. If her daughter was married to the Ye family, that would be a perfect match. The Ye family was also a respected and noble family, with fame and prestige in the city. If Jean married John, she would live a high life.

"Yes, mom. Rest assured. I will discuss it with the Ye family tomorrow. Aunt Lucia likes me very much and I am sure she will agree," said Jean. She was turning things over in her mind and thought that she should not lose out to Cherry this time. She had never lost to her since they were young.

"My sweet baby. After you marry John, do remember to come back often to see me and your daddy," Jade told Jean.

"Sure. I will certainly come back often to see you and daddy," said Jean, in a happy tone.

Harrison also agreed that Jean's wedding should be held as soon as possible. His younger daughter was already married, and if his elder daughter was not married soon, people might think something was wrong with Jean.

"Jean, you no longer need to go to work. I will make the arrangements. You just need to discuss with the Ye family and prepare for your wedding," said Harrison.

"Okay daddy, thank you!" replied Jean, with a smile on her face and happiness in her heart.

In the courtyard of the Chu residence, Cherry held Jackson's arm and walked into the living room. Andrew was sitting in the big chair.

Cherry and Jackson stood in front of Andrew. Jackson respectfully greeted him,"Grandpa."

Cherry followed suit and politely greeted him,"Grandpa."

"There you are." Andrew nodded his head, eyes full of love for his grandson and granddaughter-in-law. He then said,"Take a seat. Your sister's family is also here today."

Jackson and Cherry glanced at Lucia and John. Jean was standing beside John. Cherry and Jean looked at each other and it seemed that Jean could kill Cherry with her eyes.

Jackson did not want to greet Lucia. Seeing that, Cherry also kept silent and stood by Jackson.

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