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   Chapter 25 Missing Because Of The Separation (Part Two)

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Jackson had imagined that when they finally met each other again, they might have countless sweet words to exchange and he would promise to take good care of her, have a fancy wedding and live happily with her for the rest of his life.

But now, he couldn't say the words that he had always wanted to say to her.

Jackson slowly pushed her away. He looked at her and gently said, "Sally, I'm sorry. I'm now married."

Saying these words, Jackson's mind filled with thoughts about Cherry.

Sally He couldn't believe what she had just heard. With her eyes wide open, she said, "What, what are you talking about?"

Jackson knew that she was shocked by the news. And she might not be able to accept this fact promptly.

"I'm married, " repeated Jackson.

Sally shook her head hard and couldn't control her emotions. "No! No! No! How could you get married without me? You promised that you would marry me. How could you get married? How could you get married?"

Sally He was highly agitated and Jackson tried to comfort her. "Sally, please calm down."

"No, no, Jackson! Every time I felt bleak about life, I would think of you. I believed that you would marry me and we would live happily together, so I waited and waited. I have been waiting for more than ten years. How can you get married, if the bride is not me?" Sally He howled. Her emotions were out of control and she almost broke down.

"Sally, I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Jackson did not know what else to say.

Sally suddenly grabbed Jackson by his arms and hysterically said, "Jackson, please divorce that woman and marry m

n came in and immediately saw Cherry.

Emily too saw Stephen and greeted him at once, "Hello, Mr. Stephen."

"Hi, Emily and Cherry, " said Stephen, as he looked at Cherry.

"How are you doing?" Cherry nodded and greeted him, too.

Stephen suddenly noticed Cherry's scalded hand, which Emily was holding. He frowned and asked, "What's wrong with your hand?"

Emily complained, "She was so careless that she scalded herself. And she did not even apply medicine."

Cherry hurriedly said, "I'm all right." She did not want others to feel pity for her and she did not want more people to know about it.

Stephen knew at once that she was merely pretending to be strong. Judging from her pale and weak appearance, he guessed that she must have had a bad time at home.

"Let's go to my office. There is medicine there, " said Stephen, taking Cherry by the other arm and walking to his office.

Emily hurriedly said, "Mr. Stephen, please help me take good care of her. I'll pick her up after work."

"Got it, " answered Stephen without looking back.

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