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   Chapter 21 The Gathering In The Chu Family (Part One)

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Watching the happy couple go inside, John, standing at the door, felt distressed. With tears in his eyes, he turned away in utter disappointment.

In the evening, Jackson lay in bed, holding Cherry in his arms. He felt very happy.

"Didn't you say that you would stay in the barracks for a month? How come you are back today?" Leaning into Jackson's arms, Cherry asked.

"My wife was suffering at home, how could I be at ease outside?" said Jackson, in an indifferent tone.

"I didn't suffer much. I have been pretty good these days." said Cherry. Everything was fine except what had happened this morning.

"Pretty good? Does that include you getting slapped by Lucia?" said Jackson, sternly. The woman was so defenseless, that she did not even know how to protect herself.

"It was just an accident. When I went to the Chu residence this morning, I did not know Lucia would be there." said Cherry.

"But you were slapped by her! I will never allow anyone to hurt my woman, " announced Jackson, barking it out like an order.

"Jackson, are you protecting me?" asked Cherry. She was touched. Was she now feeling a wave of happiness wash over her? She did indeed feel happy.

"Yes, you are my wife and of course I have to protect you, " said Jackson, holding Cherry tight. Though he couldn't speak out that he loved her, she had completely swept away his heart.

Cherry didn't say a word, but she felt warm. She hadn't felt this way for a long time and she had almost forgotten what happiness was like. John had been very g

ething going on with John, " replied Cherry. She really didn't want to have anything to do with John.

Looking into her eyes, Jackson could tell that she did not have John in her heart anymore.

He did not say a word.

From his silence, Cherry knew that Jackson had agreed to her request. So she smiled happily and said, "So you don't have to go back to the barracks today?"

"I can stay at home these days, " replied Jackson, wondering what this woman was going to do.

"That's good. Today is weekend, so how about going shopping with me? Emily is quite busy these days, so you are the right person to accompany me, okay?" It sounded both like a request and an order.

"Women are really troublesome, " said Jackson.

"Jackson, are you already disliking me? asked Cherry, in an angry tone.

"Of course not." Seeing that Cherry was angry, Jackson hastily replied, "I will go with you. And I will buy you whatever you want."

Hearing this, Cherry smiled.

"But, before that, let's go take a bath together."

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