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   Chapter 20 Public Display Of Affection

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When Jackson reached the door of the living room, he saw Cherry sprawled on the ground, her hair covering her face. He immediately realized that she had been bullied and he burst into rage. How dare they bully his wife when he was not around? They must be fed up with their peaceful life!

Ignoring his grandpa, Jackson went straight to Cherry. He slowly sat down, gently smoothed her hair behind her ears and was about to help her stand up.

But then he saw the scarlet hand-print on her face. He stopped, his eyes blazing with rage.

"Who did this?" Jackson demanded, angrily.

No one dared to talk. Cherry was too weak to say anything while Lucia was too scared to say anything. Derek said nothing, too. Anyway, it was Chu Clan's business. He as an outsider couldn't comment on it.

Andrew sat in his seat and looked at Jackson's angry face. He then understood how important the woman was in Jackson's heart. His grandson really cared about her. He could tell it from his reaction. He had never seen him so angry before.

Seeing Derek standing in front of Lucia, Jackson at once realized what was going on. It must be Lucia. Nobody else would have dared to do this.

"Lucia, you have to pay the price for what you have done, " Jackson growled at his elder sister.

"Jackson, have you been enchanted by this woman? Why did you listen to her and force out your nephew? You know how hard it was for John to get where he is today, " said Lucia. She tried to reason with Jackson.

"It was my order. It had nothing to do with her, " said Jackson.

Both Lucia and Edwin were shocked by his words. Andrew too could not believe what he had heard. Was this only Jackson's idea?

"What? Was that your order?" asked Lucia, incredulously.

Jackson had absolutely no desire to explain it to Lucia. Lucia was not in a position to challenge his decision. He could do whatever he wanted and did not need to explain it to anyone.

Jackson lowered his head and looked at Cherry, heartbroken. He was even more annoyed by his grandpa. Didn't he know how important she was to him? How could he allow this to happen in his presence?

Jackson slowly lifted Cherry to his chest and whispered to her, "Don't be afraid. Everything is okay now."

Jackson was distressed when he imagined how terrified she must be.

Before leaving, Jackson looked at Andrew and fiercely said, "If this happens ever again, I'm sure you will never have a great-grandson."

This was the first time that Jackson had been angry with Andrew. And it was because of his woman.

Andrew was too shocked to say anything. He felt sad that his grandson had treated him like this. He just wasn't in control of the situation at this moment.

Jackson glared at Derek when he walke

must have emerged the winner when she saw blood on John's face. Jackson was obviously unscathed. He was so well-trained that few people could beat him.

Cherry did not want them to fight with each other anymore. She shouted, "Stop!"

Jackson and John ignored her and continued with the fight.

Cherry stepped forward, grabbed John by his arm and pulled him behind her. Jackson was about to punch John again, but when he saw that Cherry was in the middle, he stopped.

The fierce scene finally calmed down. John stood behind Cherry and said nothing. Jackson gave Cherry a strange look. He couldn't believe that Cherry would be take John's side. He had been so good to her. Why couldn't she let John get out of her heart?

Cherry stood there for a while. When she was sure that the fighting had really stopped, she slowly walked to Jackson and went into his arms. She held Jackson by his waist, looked at John and said, "John, I am your aunt, and since you're engaged to my sister, I'm also your sister-in-law."

"Cherry, I'm just worried about you and I wanted to see how you are doing, " said John, annoyed. Cherry's actions and words had upset him.

"Thanks for your concern. I'm good and you can now go back, my nephew, " said Cherry, coldly.

"Cherry, I…" John was interrupted by Jackson before he could finish.

"John!" Jackson yelled at him

John stopped talking.

Cherry suddenly snuggled up against Jackson's chest, put her arms around his neck and said, "Darling, I want some chicken soup."

Seeing her in this state, Jackson was not sure whether she really wanted to eat soup or just wanted to embarrass John. Anyway, the most important thing for him was to please her.

"Okay, I will cook it for you, " said Jackson, tenderly, while stroking her head gently.

Both of them turned and went inside.

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