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   Chapter 17 A Wave Of Unrest In The Parking Lot (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By FERN JENKINS Characters: 5357

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When Cherry woke up in the morning, she found herself alone in bed. Feeling pain all over her body, she looked at the ceiling and suddenly felt lonely. Was that because Jackson was not next to her?

Looking at the marks on her body, she knew that all of these had been left by Jackson last night. But she did not see him this morning and she did not even know when he had left.

Cherry got up slowly and went to the bathroom to wash her face and rinse her mouth. She then dressed up and walked into the living room. She felt that she was not used to it even a bit when she was the only one in the house. Had she started to care for him?

Cherry shook her head to stop herself thinking about Jackson. She hastily ate some bread and then went to work.

Arm in arm with John, Jean stopped at the gate of the Shen Group building.

She turned back to look at John, held his waist and asked,"John, how about taking a break in my office?"

"No. I will go back to my company now," said John, indifferently.

"Okay. Then you must remember to pick me up after work," Jean said, flirtatiously.

John helplessly nodded his head and replied,"I know. You go in and I will leave now."

"Okay, bye!" Saying that, she kissed John on his cheek and then turned away happily.

John put on a poker face. He turned away and wanted to leave, but he saw Cherry coming. She was not far away.

His eyes lit up suddenly and he felt so happy and enthusiastic after seeing her.

John walked towards Cherry.

Seeing John walk towards her, Cherry slowed down.

"Cherr, are you here for work?" asked John, with a smile on his face. He stood in front of Cherry and looked at her earnestly.

"Mr. John, do you want anything?" Cherry spoke coldly. She did not want to have anything to do with this man.

"Cherr, please don't be so cold to me." John begged and grabbed Cherry's arm and continued to say,"I know I was wrong. Can you forgive me? If you come back to me, I promise that I will never betray you."

Cherry drew back her arm from John's hand and said angrily,"John Ye, let go of me! I am your aunt and you should respect me."

"Aunt?" John felt irritated and he shouted,"I've never treated you as my aunt. You are my woman, not my aunt."

Hearing John's words, Cherry felt disgusted. Moreover, it was time for work. Cherry worried that they would inevitably run into some of her colleagues since they were standing at the gate of the Shen Group building.

Cherry smoothed the hair on her forehead and said,"John, this is Shen Group's office. I hope you will show your respect. I will go to work now."

Saying that, Cherry wanted to leave.


had not anticipated that John would grab her arm. He said, fiercely,"I will not let you go if you don't make things clear today."

John then dragged Cherry towards the parking lot.

In the parking lot, Cherry shouted and resisted. "John, let go of me! You are hurting me. Let me go!"

But John did not listen to her. He dragged her to his car and pressed Cherry against the car window.

He looked into Cherry's eyes and spoke,"Say that you don't love Jackson."

"John, let go of me!" Cherry ignored John's words and kept resisting him.

After Jean walked into the company, she was about to go to her own office, but she suddenly thought of something, and so she went to the monitor room. She wanted to check what Cherry had been up to yesterday. She thought that Cherry was indeed a bitch. She was already married, so why didn't she leave the company? What was her real motive for staying on in the Shen Group?

Jean went into the monitor room. Seeing Jean walk in, two staff members immediately bowed and greeted her,"Miss Jean, welcome!"

Jean said,"You carry on with your work. I am here to check yesterday's video."

"Yes, Miss Jean."

Said the other staff. But just as Jean was about to check yesterday's video, she noticed the video on one of the screens and her face instantly changed.

It was the video feed from the parking lot. It was obvious that John and Jean were on the screen. John appeared to be pressing on Cherry. His face could not be seen clearly and only half of Cherry's face was visible. Looking at the scene, anyone could tell what they were doing.

Rage filled Jean's heart and she said,"Shameless! They are so promiscuous that they even dared to flirt in the parking lot."

Saying that, Jean furiously turned and left the monitor room.

John was still pressing on Cherry and he was afraid that Cherry would run away if he did not pin her down. Ever since he had lost Cherry, he had considered her more important than his own life.

"Cherr, come back to me, okay? I can't live without you!" said John, seriously. He then got closer to Cherry and looked into her eyes.

"John, stop daydreaming! Why didn't you think of this when you were together with my sister?" said Cherry, in a furious tone. Whenever she thought of that scene, she felt heartbroken. She had loved this man so much, but he had not only betrayed her, but also teamed up with her sister to betray her.

"Cherr, I was..." Before John could finish, he was interrupted by a sound behind him.

"What are you doing here?" The voice reached John and Cherry's ears.

John turned his head and saw Jean. Cherry also saw Jean walking towards them.

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