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   Chapter 16 A Call From Brother

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In the morning, a ray of sunlight shone into the room. Two people were sleeping, lazily, on the bed.

Jackson was holding Cherry tightly, as if he was protecting the woman even when he was in deep sleep.

Cherry woke up slowly. Before she opened her eyes, she wanted to stretch her arms, but she felt that someone was holding her. She wanted to get rid of the arms. And when she moved her body, she felt pain in her private parts.

She immediately opened her eyes and saw the man beside her. She then recalled what happened last night.

She felt terribly ashamed and furious. She angrily patted Jackson's chest and said, "Jackson Chu, you are an asshole."

Clearly knowing what Cherry was referring to, Jackson chuckled to himself. This woman must have remembered what they did last night.

With a smile on his face, Jackson lovingly said, "So do you now admit that you are mine?"

This silly girl did not know that she actually had been his woman earlier. She did not even know that her virginity had been taken by this man.

"Who, me admit? I won't, anyhow." rebutted Cherry immediately. She had to defend herself, even though she knew her rebuttal did not sound convincing.

All of a sudden, Jackson turned over and pressed himself on Cherry. He looked into her eyes and in a serious voice, said, "Do you want to try it again? So that you will never forget?"

"No!" Cherry declined immediately. Looking into his eyes, she knew that he was not joking. She also realized that she would be the one to suffer if she still acted tough. This jerk could do anything to her.

She added in a tender voice, "Get away from me. I feel pain. So please don't bother me now."

Seeing her tender look, Jackson thought she was indeed in pain. So he immediately lay down beside her and lovingly asked, "Is it really painful?"

"So what if it is?" Jackson, you are a beast, " said Cherry. She could not help but scold him.

"Baby, I intend to teach you how to serve me as my woman, " Jackson said, wi


In the afternoon, Cherry went home after work and started cooking dinner.

When Jackson got home and saw the appetizing dishes, he felt elated. Such life, such a family and such a virtuous wife! He could not describe his joyful feelings.

As they were having dinner at the table, Jackson announced, "I will go back to the barracks tomorrow and I will stay there for about one month."

Hearing this, Cherry did not show any emotions. She replied in an indifferent tone, "Okay."

Jackson felt a bit frustrated and disappointed about Cherry's response. His face darkened. Was there no place for him in her heart? Why was she so cold and indifferent to him?

Cherry lowered her head to eat, taking no notice of Jackson's expression. Whether he existed or not was all the same to her. Though they got along pretty good these days, she still did not care for this man.

While lying in bed, Cherry closed her eyes slightly and wanted to fall asleep. She was a bit tired after the day's work.

But the man lying beside her thought otherwise. He was about to leave tomorrow, so why wouldn't this woman take the initiative to please him? Was she challenging his patience?

Jackson couldn't stand it any more, so he pulled back the quilt and intensely pressed himself on her, thinking that he had to eat her up tonight.

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