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   Chapter 12 The Encounter Of Four People

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"What, what are you going to do?" Cherry couldn't help asking.

"What am I going to do? Cherry, I have told you before that you cannot hook up with any other man. You are now my girl." Jackson shouted. Why did this damn woman have to mess up with his cousin?

Holding back her agitation, Cherry looked into Jackson's eyes and said, seriously, "Jackson, if you can't even give your minimum trust to me, then there's nothing for me to say. Please release me and I'll be away."

Cherry wanted to get rid of Jackson's hand, but Jackson had no plans for setting her free. He continued grip her arm tightly.

Derek Lu's voice abruptly interrupted Cherry and Jackson.

"Stephen An." He was simply calling out a person's name.

Jackson and Cherry turned to look at Stephen An, who was walking towards them.

Quivering a bit, Jackson had not expected that he would see this person again.

Sensing that Jackson had eased his grip, Cherry struggled to free herself. She wanted to maintain her image in front of a stranger.

Stephen An halted a short distance from these three people. The two attendants behind him stopped, as well.

Setting his eyes on Derek Lu, Stephen An said, "Master Lu, long time no see. You still have good taste."

Derek Lu did not say a word, but realized that the ominous vibes from Stephen An were worse than before.

Stephen An soon turned his attention to Jackson and Cherry. He faced Jackson, "Master Chu, how have you been?"

"Have you two met before?" Cherry asked. So that's how Stephen An could call out Jackson's name.

Stephen An's mouth curled at a corner. It made an evil but enchanting curve! He looked at Cherry with a deliberate smile on his face, "Yes, Miss Shen. I saved you some time back. Do you need me to do that again? It seems your husband has not been so gentle to you."

"Stephen An." Jackson angrily rebutted, "It's none of your business."

With these words, Jackson dragged away Cherry, giving her no chance to get closer to Stephen An. If possible, he even hoped to keep them away from each other.

Seeing that Jackson was annoyed, Stephen An didn't want to bow down, "Jackson, what if it is?"

"Then you should know your fate." Jackson turned his gaze towards Stephen An.

Derek Lu did not look good, as well, "Jackson, let's go. It's a waste of time to talk with him."

Listening to Derek's words, Jackson turned, held Cherry's hand and walked straight towards the entrance.

Stephen An saw the three go away. His eyes filled with anger, "Jackson, that woman will be mine one day."

While in the vehicle, Derek, Jackson and Cherry did not utter a word. There was still a terrible vibe around Jackson, which frightened Derek into staying silent. Cherry did not pay too much attention to it, and instead stared at the scenery outside the window.

After they went back to Jackson's private flat and entered it, Cherry planned to rest on the sofa. To her surprise, Jackson grabbed her arm on the way to the living room.

Jackson was still angry, "Let's get things straight. What happened this afternoon?"

"You don't need to know that." Cherry said, insultingly, trying to get rid of Jackson's hand. She was annoyed enough, especially because of Jean's slap and Jackson's misunderstanding of her relationship with John.

"Cherry, there is a limit to my patience." Jackson said, rather grimly.

But Cherry intended to fight Jackson to the end. She stared at him and said, "Jackson, I have my own privacy. It's my business, not yours."

With these words, Cherry shook off his

hand and walked towards the living room.

Jackson followed her to the living room, as well, and saw Cherry settle on the sofa. He stood in front of her and said, "Cherry, you know what will happen if you insist on annoying me."

This is a warning and an order.

Cherry too became agitated. She stood up and looked at Jackson. Not to be outdone, she said, "Jackson, what do you want me to tell you? Do you want me to tell you that John tried to violate me but Stephen An came out and stopped him, or that my sister Jean slapped me?"

Every single word that Cherry said got etched in Jackson's mind. He began to realize that this woman had been a victim.

Unexpectedly, Jackson pulled Cherry into his arms and started kissing her like crazy, before she could even react.

"Oh, Jackson, please, please release me, release me." Cherry stammered, while resisting and hitting him on the chest.

However, Jackson did not intend to let her go. With one hand embracing Cherry's waist and the other caressing her beautiful hair, he continued his ravage of her rosy lips.

Jackson successfully levered open Cherry's lips, sticking the tip of his tongue between them and exploring her fragrant mouth, enjoying the addicting taste of it.

He wanted her, all of her.

With the tip of their tongues intertwined together, Jackson attacked aggressively, forcing this woman to gradually lose herself.

Cherry's resistance was slowly weakening. Eyes slightly closed and her mouth filled with Jackson's taste, she was finally conquered by his advances. She could do nothing but follow the tip of his tongue and twist with it.

The couple kissed passionately. Jackson even wished that he could eat her up completely.

After a long time, Cherry began to feel short of breath. So she pushed Jackson away with all her strength, separating their lips as well.

Jackson was afraid that she would run away. To prevent this, he tightly wrapped Cherry in his arms again.

Leaning on Jackson's strong chest, Cherry breathed rapidly.

"Stupid fool, you don't even know how to kiss." Jackson said that because he could feel her clumsiness during their kissing session. As for her possessing kissing skills, well, that was totally out of question.

Hearing Jackson's comment about her, Cherry angrily leaned back from his chest, hit it heavily, and then looked at him, "Jackson, you jerk! Who told you to kiss me?"

"Do I need some other man's permission to kiss my girl?" Jackson replied, immediately.

"You should at least get my permission." Cherry said.

"Your permission can be ignored." Then Jackson lowered his head and wanted to kiss her fragrant lips again, but was stopped by Cherry.

Cherry blocked Jackson's lips with her hand and immediately said, "Jackson, stop doing that, you should know when enough is enough."

Seeing Cherry stop him, Jackson did not want to force her further. He loved her, so he would never go against her will.

At that moment, Cherry had a brilliant idea to get away from him. "I haven't had dinner yet. I'm so hungry. What should I do?"

Hearing that Cherry was hungry, Jackson slowly released her. "Rest on the sofa. I'll prepare some food for you."

"Can you cook?" Cherry couldn't believe that he could even cook as a soldier, or as a man. Did he come from the cookhouse squad of the army?

Jackson touched Cherry's head gently, "Good girl, just go to the sofa and wait."

It was surprising that Cherry had not reacted angrily, or was agitated the way she was before. Instead, she just smiled and nodded.

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