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   Chapter 8 Role-play

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Long time passed, Andrew Chu finally said, "Stop now. This is Miss Shen's first visit. Don't spoil it."

He intended to restrain Jackson Chu's anger, lest his grandson might lose his temper.

Upon his word, everyone tried their best to calm down.

Cherry Shen looked at John Ye with hatred in her heart. She thought, 'John Ye, you betrayed me and had sex with my older sister. I'll become your aunt as revenge. You gonna regret losing me.'

Cherry Shen said, "Nephew John, all I want is your uncle. I love him only. He is everything to me."

Upon her word, the two men were clear about her choice.

John Ye's eyes were full of tears. He was shocked that Cherry Shen said she loved Jackson Chu. Did that mean the love between them was gone?

As for Jackson Chu, he knew clearly that Cherry Shen was lying, but why was he pleased by her words?

Cherry Shen put her hand around Jackson Chu's waist. In such intimate gesture with her fiance, she looked to Andrew Chu and smiled, "Grandpa, John and I were schoolmates before. Maybe he is not ready to see me becoming his aunt. Please don't mind it."

The explanation comforted Andrew Chu a little bit. Jackson Chu kept silent.

"If so, " Andrew turned to Lucia Chu and John Ye, "I believe you will get along well with her in future as you were schoolmates. It's nothing for your schoolmate becoming your aunt. You don't need to feel embarrassed."

"But I..." John Ye wanted to explain, but Lucia Chu stopped him.

Lucia Chu said to Andrew Chu in great respect, "Grandfather, John is still too young to control himself. Perhaps he was too thrilled to see his classmate become his aunt. Please don't blame him. Today, we should focus on Jackson and his wife."

Everyone gazed at Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen after hearing her words. John Ye was no longer the target.

Andrew Chu smiled and said, "Indeed. Jackson, did you get the marriage certificate?"

"Not yet. The army is scrutinizing it. I might get it in a few days." Jackson Chu replied casually. He was still thinking of the issue between John Ye and Cherry Shen.

"Good." Andrew Chu nodded, "Have you visited Cherry's parents?"

Before Jackson Chu replied, Cherry Shen said, "Grandpa, Jackson have visited my father and step-mother. And they have blessed our marriage ."

"Good. Good." Andrew Chu said with pleasure. His dear grandson eventually did one thing good for the family inheritance. It seemed that Cherry Shen was healthy enough to give birth to several great-grandsons. Then he needn't worry about the Chu Clan's posterity.

Lucia Chu also echoed, "Grandpa, Miss Shen seemed like a moderate girl. I dare say Jackson and her will be a pair of happy couple. Before long, our house is going to be more boisterous."

Hearing her words, Andrew Chu emitted a loud laughter. But Jackson Chu wasn't so excited. In his opinion, it was an universal truth that his wife would parent children with him.

However, Cherry Shen heard something different. Lucia Chu had never liked her when s

he was with John Ye, and had even announced her disdain to her in public. Now she was warning her. From now on, she had officially broken up with John Chu. But she must be happy, as everything went on as she wished.

"Ha ha, " Andrew Chu laughed, "Jackson, do you understand your cousin's words? You and Cherry shall work on it."

Jackson Chu hugged Cherry Shen tightly and said, "Grandpa, rest assured. You will have many great-grandsons." Then he gave a glimpse at John Ye.

Disregarding other people's attention, Cherry Shen snuggled up to Jackson Chu, "Dear, how could you unveil such private thing to the public? That's embarrassing."

Her face flushed red in shyness.

Jackson Chu fondled Cherry Shen's cheeks and realized that Cherry Shen made his heart ache. He really hoped that they were not pretending and she would stay with him for the rest of his life.

"Ha ha. Good. Good." Andrew Chu saw the sweetness flow between them. He was sure that Cherry Shen would be his grandson's wife, since his dear grandson loved her so much.

"Derek Lu." Andrew Chu suddenly ordered.

"Yes, sir." Derek Lu answered immediately.

"You are entrusted with arranging Jackson Chu's wedding. This joyful event of our Chu Clan shall be splendid. Go and invite all the neighbors." Andrew Chu said happily.

"Got it, Grandpa, I will make the arrangements." Derek Lu was also happy. It was obvious that Jackson wanted to get close to Cherry Shen. But he still worried that if that other woman came back, would Jackson want to continue being close to Cherry?

"Good." Andrew turned to Cherry Shen, "Cherry, why not have dinner here? I'll have the servants set the table."

"I'd like to. Thank you, Grandpa." Cherry Shen said.

As Andrew left, everyone felt more at ease, for the old man was such an intimidating figure, though he didn't intend to.

Jackson Chu planned to go back to his room with Cherry Shen. He wanted to inquire whether she still loved John Ye.

However, before Jackson Chu turned away, John Ye freed himself from Lucia Chu's grip and walked straight towards Cherry Shen. He grabbed Cherry Shen's hand, but he was looking at Jackson Chu, "Uncle Jackson, did you finish your role-play?"

"John Ye." Jackson Chu angrily yelled at John Ye.

"If you are done, then leave me with Cherr. I want to tell her something." Then John walked out, still grasping Cherry Shen's hand.

Jackson Chu pushed John Ye away from Cherry Shen. He walked to John Ye and angrily grabbed his collar. He roared at John Ye, "Is your life as vice-governor so cozy that you have forgotten to respect the elders? She is your aunt."

Jackson Chu emphasized again, "From now on, you can only call her Aunt Cherry. Don't let me hear you call her nickname again, or I'll kill you."

Then he pushed John Ye away and grabbed Cherry Shen's hand. They went back to his room.

Lucia Chu and her husband stood there and didn't dare say anything. They knew Jackson would carry out his threat, so no one dared provoke him.

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