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   Chapter 7 Visiting Grandpa Andrew

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Jackson Chu drove Cherry Shen back to his flat.

Cherry Shen was still thinking about what had happened at the Shen house. She entered the flat, and did not bother carefully surveying Jackson Chu's room.

Sitting by the bed, Cherry Shen lowered her head and stayed silent.

The sight of Cherry Shen reminded Jackson Chu of her beauty that other night. He couldn't control his emotions, and there seemed to be a fire raging inside him.

Jackson Chu gradually got close to Cherry Shen. The lamplight made her look even more fascinating than before.

"Cherry Shen, you are my girl. You must accept the responsibility that comes along."

Feeling Jackson Chu's close proximity, Cherry Shen looked up and said, "What are you going to do?"

She was so pure. Jackson couldn't resist it any longer. He abruptly pushed Cherry Chu down on the bed and pounced on her.

"Jackson Chu, what are you doing?" Cherry Shen resisted, looking at him while her body trembled. She felt fear when she recalled the pain from her first time.

"You are my girl. What do you think I'm going to do?" Jackson Chu gazed at Cherry Shen, said it word by word. He could hardly wait to get her.

While listening to Jackson Chu's words, Cherry Shen felt his big hand on her waist. She instinctively shuddered as she was still frightened of that terrible first time.

"No, no!" Cherry Shen said, quivering, while tears gathered in her eyes.

Jackson was about to touch her snow-white skin, but he felt a pang of guilt after seeing the expression on the face of the woman lying under him. He couldn't believe that her expression could touch his heart.

"Please, no." Cherry Shen begged. The indistinct picture from her first time enveloped her mind, and was amplified by the pain she felt in her lower body.

Jackson Chu looked at her and his heart finally softened. He suppressed his desire, rolled over and lay down besides Cherry Shen.

Cherry Shen stared blankly at the ceiling and couldn't hold back her tears any more.

Jackson Chu slept with Cherry Chu in his arms the entire night, without forcing himself on her.

The next day, they went to visit the Chu Clan.

In the formal living room of the military's residential compound, Andrew Chu sat on the chair in the center, with a smile on his face. His beloved grandson was bringing his granddaughter-in-law home.

Lucia Chu, Edwin Ye and their son John Ye were waiting for Jackson Chu and his fiancée in the living room, as well.

Both Lucia Chu and Edwin Ye wished happiness to their poker-faced cousin. Now that he had finally found his beloved, their father would not force him to go on blind dates.

The only person who felt completely restless was John Ye. His expression showed his nervousness. He couldn't believe that the woman he loved had become his aunt.

As he was driving, Derek Lu looked at Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen through the rear-view mirror, wondering if this was the girl in Jackson's room the other night.

The car arrived at the military's residential compound. The three got out and walked towards the house of the Chu Clan.

Andrew Chu focused his sights on the woman who walked with Jackson Chu, arm in arm. Just like refreshing breeze, she did not appear to be the kind of girl who only had a gorgeous packaging.

Lucia Chu stood in the center of the living room. She was shocked when she realized that the girl was none other than Cherry Shen. She cried out, "Cherry Shen, how come you

are here?"

John Ye stared at Cherry Shen, without saying a word.

Cherry Shen already knew that it would come to this. It was hardly surprising to meet Lucia Chu here.

Standing by her side, Jackson Chu too remained silent, since he believed these people already knew his woman.

But he was provoked by the affectionate expression on John Ye's face. He would never allow anyone to flirt with his girl.

"What's up? Do you know her?" Andrew Chu asked. According to his observation, this girl ought not to come from a upper class family, so how could Lucia Chu know her?

"Oh, no, no." Lucia Chu answered immediately. But she was so pleased because her son's future looked promising without badgering with this woman.

Cherry Shen took one look at Lucia Chu, and then turned her gaze to Jackson Chu. She had put on a simple smile.

Jackson Chu understood what she was conveying. He looked at Andrew Chu and said, "Grandpa, this is Cherry Shen, the girl I'm going to marry."

Hearing Jackson address him as "grandpa", Cherry Shen smiled respectfully, "Grandpa, nice to meet you. I'm Cherry Shen."

"Well." Andrew Chu nodded, "What a polite and lovely girl."

Jackson Chu now looked at Lucia Chu and Edwin Ye, and said to Cherry Shen, "This is my cousin and this is her husband. You would know them from before."

Jackson Chu looked intently at Cherry Shen's face. Did she still care about her past with John Ye? It was obvious that her expression was just a facade.

It never occurred to Cherry Shen that the people she imagined would become her parents-in-law would now become her cousins!

Cherry Shen took a deep breath. "Nice to meet you," she greeted them.

Edwin Ye did not know that Cherry Shen was his son's former girlfriend, so he said with a smile on his face, "Nice to meet you. We'll be one family after you marry into our family."

Just as Edwin Ye finished his words, Lucia Chu tapped his arm hard, looked at Cherry and said, "Miss Shen, congratulations. You are going to marry into a big family and become a elegant lady. My brother is an excellent young man. Hope you make him happy."

"Mum." John couldn't help interrupting her when he heard her wishes.

"What's the matter?" Lucia Chu turned and looked at John Ye, "Your uncle is getting married, Won't you congratulate him?"

These words pierced into John Ye like a sword. He couldn't restrain his feelings any more. Stepping forward and seizing Cherry Shen's arm, he said, "Cherry, I'm wrong. It's all my fault. Forgive me, okay? Please don't do this. I love..." he said.

Without letting John Ye finish his sentence, Jackson Chu angrily shook his hand off Cherry Shen's arm.

"John, she is your aunt!" Jackson almost roared it out. If John dared touch his woman one more time, he would take his life for it.

Lucia Chu grabbed her son as soon as she saw the anger on Jackson Chu's face, "Yes, John, she is your aunt. Please do not displease your uncle."

Edwin Ye stood besides, without saying a word as he knew Jackson Chu was angry. Andrew Chu was in charge of the whole Chu family, but Jackson Chu held the most power. It was no exaggeration to say that his wishes and opinions decided the fate of everyone.

Pulled aside by Lucia Chu, John Ye could do nothing but look with pain at Cherry Shen. He regretted his moment of weakness with Jean.

However, Jackson Chu was enraged by Cherry's indifference. What was her intention? Did she want to reunite with her old flame?

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