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   Chapter 6 Just A Marriage Of Convenience

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The next day, when Cherry Shen reached the café, she saw that Jackson Chu was already sitting at the same table. She walked over to him.

Sitting down, Cherry Shen took her household register and ID card out of the bag, and gave them to him.

Jackson Chu took the household register and ID card and said, "It will probably take a week or so for the military to approve our marriage."

"It's okay. I can wait." said Cherry Shen. She waved her hand indifferently. It appeared as if she did not care about this marriage.

Cherry Shen's indifference enraged Jackson Chu. He was angry that the woman was ignoring him and their marriage.

Cherry Shen did not want to stay here any longer. She had come here only to hand over the household register and ID card.

"Then I am leaving. I have something else to do." said Cherry Shen. With these words, she stood up and was about to leave.

Seeing her leave, Jackson Chu immediately stood up, grabbed her arm and pinned her against the wall. He looked at her closely and she could feel his breath.

"Why do you want to marry me if you don't love me?" said Jackson Chu coldly, with a hint of arrogance. He did not know why he cared about her feelings. He wondered whether she still loved his nephew.

Cherry Shen looked calmly at him and asked, "Do you love me?"

Her question surprised Jackson Chu. His heart ached. Love?

Cherry Shen smiled and continued, "Why bother asking this question if we do not love each other?"

"You'll be my wife." said Jackson Chu firmly. For him, a wife was someone who would be with him for the rest of his life.

"Since it is only a marriage of convenience, does the title of wife really matter?" said Cherry Shen, flatly.

"Cherry Shen!" Jackson was irritated by this woman. Why was her heart so cold? Why was she so indifferent to him?

Cherry Shen suddenly remembered something. She said, "Well, Mr. Chu, I have to tell you that I'm not a virgin. If you mind it, we can only nominally be a couple."

Recalling the night she lost her virginity, Jackson Chu's anger diminished a bit. It was clear that she did not know he was the one who had taken her virginity. Jackson Chu could remember that night clearly. If they weren't in the coffee shop, he would have done it again.

Jackson Chu looked at Cherry Shen and firmly insisted, "You have to be faithful to me, now that you want to marry me."

'Cherry Shen, I'm your first man and will be the only man in your life.' thought Jackson Chu.

Having obtained the marriage certificate, Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen planned to meet their parents. They would first visit the Shen's house and then Chu's house.

In Shen's house, when Harrison Shen learned that Jackson Chu was the grandson of Andrew Chu, who was highly influential in the army, he was pleased with the marriage. Chu Clan had a powerful influence on the entire city, and Harrison Shen believed that it would help the growth of the Shen Group.

Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen stood in front of Harrison Shen and Jade Qiao. Jean Shen stood by the side. She was looking at Jackson Chu.

Sensing the heavy atmosphere, Jackson Chu said nothing. He had already investigated Shen Clan, and knew about Cherry Shen's status in it.

Looking at Jackson Chu, who was in military uniform and looked as gentlemanly as John Ye, Jade Qiao suddenly felt envious of Cherry Shen. 'Why is this bitch always so lucky?' thought Jade Qiao.

"Dad, aunt, this is Jackson Chu." Cherry Shen spoke up and broke the awkward silence.

"Uncle, aunt, how are you doing?" Jackson Chu calmly greeted them. Even though he knew that they had treated Cherry Shen badly, he still ha

d to be polite, since it was the first time that they had met each other.

Harrison Shen nodded and said, "Since you've already gotten the marriage certificate, find a good time for the wedding ceremony."

Before Cherry Shen and Jackson Chu could respond, Jade Qiao hurriedly interjected, "Cherry Shen, since you are going to marry him, get out of the house and never come back again and…"

Jade Qiao added, "I don't have any money to prepare for your dowry. You will have to do it by yourself."

Cherry Shen lowered her head and did not say anything. She had always known that Jade Qiao wouldn't give her a penny.

Jackson Chu was not as calm as Cherry Shen was. He was furious that his woman had been treated like this for more than twenty years. Jade Qiao was just the daughter of an investment group's boss. The Chu Clan could make that investment group disappear from the city overnight. How dared she bully his woman!

"Aunt, my family would be responsible for all these affairs, since Cherry and I are getting married. So you only need to take part in the wedding party." said Jackson, coldly and haughtily.

Jade Qiao did not want to let him get off the hook that easily. She said, "How much bride price do you want to pay? Marrying a girl of Shen Clan won't be cheap."

Jade Qiao started to praise Cherry Shen. This had never happened before, "Cherry is excellent, both in appearance and figure. Even though she dresses plainly now, she will be on par with those girls from noble families if you buy fabulous clothes for her. You are really lucky to marry her. You will pay more for her, won't you?"

Jackson Chu glared at Jade Qiao, whose intentions were so obvious. Slowly and emphatically, he said, "Of course, I will pay a bride price and it will be generous."

Hearing his words, Jade Qiao was thrilled. She had never expected that Cherry Shen would bring her a large sum of money.

But Jackson Chu's next words deflated her happiness.

"However, I will pay the bride price only to Cherry's mother. Obviously, you are not her." Jackson Chu looked at Jade Qiao and relished the sight of her crestfallen face.

"You!" Jade Qiao felt too angry to say anything more.

Jean Shen, however, impatiently said, "Forget it. The bride price is not important at all. We are not lacking in money. Take that bitch away. We have had enough of her lodging in our house for so many years!"

Bitch? Lodge?

Jean Shen's words made Jackson Chu's blood boil. He shifted his gaze from Jade Qiao to her and growled, "Watch your words, Jean Shen!"

Jean Shen was now too scared to say anything more. Jackson Chu was very powerful. His military background and his temperament made him a difficult person to deal with.

Harrison Shen and Jade Qiao were also scared of him. Members of Chu family were born superior in courage to others.

Jackson Chu felt bad seeing how the woman standing next to him had been treated. He couldn't imagine that she had been living in such a family for so many years.

"Cherry, go pack up. I am taking you away now." said Jackson Chu.

Cherry Shen looked up at him and nodded. Instead of anger or indifference, there was only obedience in her eyes.

She quickly went upstairs, packed up her important things, and went downstairs carrying a small suitcase.

Taking the suitcase and holding her hand, Jackson Chu went out of Shen's house with Cherry Shen.

In the background, followed the voice of Jade Qiao, "Cherry Shen, don't ever come back. You'd better die outside."

Cherry Shen burst into tears. She couldn't help it. She had left the hellish family, but she was not sure what was waiting for her ahead.

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