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   Chapter 5 She Is Your Aunt

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What! Jackson Chu was John's uncle?! When she heard John Ye call Jackson Chu "uncle", Cherry Shen was astonished. She couldn't believe her ears. How could the man she had just agreed to marry be John Ye's uncle?

Cherry Shen's eyes remained wide open, and in a voice filled with disbelief, she asked Jackson Chu, "Are you his uncle?"

Jackson Chu looked into her eyes and felt a bit confused. It seemed that she cared a lot about his relationship with John Ye. He answered, "Yes, he is my nephew."

Hearing the answer, Cherry Shen felt pain in her heart. What a big joke this was! She wanted to escape from the man she once loved so much, but she didn't expect that fate would bring them together again. She wanted to get away from him, but she was going to marry his uncle. Jackson Chu was the relative of the man she loved! Was it Jackson Chu's family that had supported John Ye in his bid to be the lieutenant governor?

"Interesting!" Cherry Shen suddenly chuckled.

John Ye and Jackson Chu looked at each other, not understanding what Cherry Shen's laughter meant.

Just then, Jean Shen walked toward them and said, "Look whom I've met! I was wondering why John was so excited about coming here. It turns out his old flame is here."

Old flame? Hearing these two words, Jackson Chu's face immediately changed color. He gave Cherry a ferocious stare and then shifted his eyes to John Ye. He had not expected that his nephew would have had an affair with the woman beside him.

John Ye took no notice of what Jean Shen had said, nor did he care about Jackson Chu's piercing eyes. All he cared about was Cherry Shen. He looked at Cherry Shen affectionately and then slowly asked, "Cherr, what are you doing here? How do you know my uncle?"

Hearing John Ye call Cherry 'Cherr, Jackson Chu felt a lump in his throat. How could his nephew call the woman, who was about to marry him, so affectionately? No matter what the relationship had been before, she now was his woman and he definitely would not allow other men to call her so lovingly. Absolutely not!

"John Ye," growled Jackson, in a serious tone. He then warned, "She's now your aunt!"

Aunt? John Ye was shocked! He hadn't seen Cherry Shen for several days and now she had become his aunt?! It must be a joke!

John Ye shook his head, stared at Cherry Shen and in a voice filled with disbelief, he asked, "Cherr, are... are you really my aunt now?"

Hearing John Ye call Cherry Shen "Cherr" yet again, Jackson Chu was furious. But he controlled his anger. He had not seen John Ye for a while now. It seemed that his nephew had forgotten how to respect the elders.

Cherry Shen had put on a poker face. She withdrew her arm from Jackson Chu's, held it again to get closer to him, and said to John, "Yes, Mr. Ye. I am your aunt."

Having said that with no regard for John Ye's reaction, Cherry Shen looked directly into Jean Shen's eyes and said, "And my dear sister, if you get married to John, I will be your aunt too, won't I?"

"You..." Jean Shen's face was contorted with anger. Why was this woman always luckier than her? She had even dared to tread on her territory. Now she was hitched with John's uncle and would be John's aunt. How could she ever live a happy life after she was married to John Ye?

John Ye was already out of control. He stared at Cherry Shen and said, "You are lying to me, aren't you? You said that you would be with me my entire life. How can you now be with my uncle? Cherr, I know I was wrong. Please come back to me!"

John Ye begged and wanted to grasp Cherry Shen's other arm.

But Cherry Shen rejected his hand and

got closer to Jackson Chu. She would rather depend on a stranger she had just met than John Ye. Love might go bad like poison and turn into hatred. She just wanted to keep away from it.

Jackson Chu felt Cherry Shen moving closer and knew what she meant. So he drew back his arm from Cherry's hand and put his hand on Cherry's waist. Everything he did felt natural and he did not say a word.

Cherry Shen looked at John Ye and coldly replied, "John Ye, I've told you that I am your aunt now. I hope that you will forget what happened between us before. Now you are together with Jean Shen and you should watch your behavior."

John Ye didn't give up and wanted to stop Cherry Shen from marrying Jackson. But before he could approach Cherry Shen again, Jean Shen dragged him away by his arm.

Jean Shen dragged John Ye away with effort. She was filled with rage. This damn Cherry Shen was still John's love and she influenced John's heart.

"John, we are going for coffee." Jean Shen didn't know what else to do, but remind John Ye of their reason for coming here. She hoped John would come to grips with his emotions.

No one expected that John Ye wouldn't care at all about what Jean Shen had said. He flung away Jean Shen's arms and stepped towards Cherry Shen. He grabbed her arm, intending to pull Cherry from Jackson Chu's arm.

But as soon as John Ye touched Cherry Shen's arm, Jackson Chu grabbed his wrist. He clenched it harder, pulled it from Cherry Shen's arm, and flung it away. John Ye lost his balance and staggered a few steps back.

Jean Shen hastily walked forward to support John Ye. John Ye steadied himself and felt a bit scared by the sight of Jackson Chu's furious face. He knew that his uncle was a military officer with great power and prestige, so he did not dare offend him.

Jackson Chu said in anger, "John Ye, watch your behavior! She is your aunt."

John Ye was too frightened to utter a word after he looked into Jackson Chu's angry eyes.

Cherry Shen felt that her head was about to explode. Her heart was already aching and she didn't know what she would do if she saw John Ye's face again.

So she turned her head away and said to Jackson Chu, "Let's go! I want to go home now."

"Okay." Jackson Chu replied. He now knew all about the situation and the relationship between Cherry Shen and John Ye. He didn't expect that the woman whom he intended to marry, and whose virginity he had taken, had such a love story. What was more unexpected, was that she had been in a relationship with his nephew! It seemed that what was going on right now was even more interesting.

Jackson Chu made up his mind to continue playing the game. This was just the beginning.

With an arm around Cherry Shen's waist, Jackson Chu walked out of the cafe with Cherry Shen.

Watching them go away, John Ye couldn't utter a word. His eyes were full of sadness.

On seeing John Ye's face, Jean Shen hated Cherry Shen even more. She was such a bitch and a woman of easy virtue.

Not long after they walked out of the cafe, Cherry Shen flung away Jackson Chu's hand. She knew it was just a show, and now the show was over.

Jackson Chu was a bit lost when he saw the restlessness in her eyes. Had she flung away his hand because she looked down upon him? Or had she merely put on the show for John, the 'hero' of her heart?

At that moment, Jackson Chu felt like an idiot, who knew nothing about this woman. He took it seriously, even though he knew that the woman had just taken advantage of him to deal with his nephew. But he was still eager to have the woman's companionship all the time.

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