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   Chapter 4 Did You Bring The Identity Card And Household Register

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Three days later.

Derek Lu drove Jackson Chu to meet the girl he had been fixed up with.

Gazing at the scenery outside of the car window, Jackson Chu suddenly thought of something. He coldly asked Derek Lu, "Have you found out more about that woman in the hotel the other night?"

Derek Lu, who was driving the car, looked at Jackson Chu in the rearview mirror. He replied, his voice laced with concern, "There is no way to find her through the hotel. I think that woman was too poor to get a room for herself, and so she sneaked into your bed."

"Don't give up until you have investigated this thoroughly." Jackson Chu gave the order with authority. He was disappointed at his men. How could they fail at such a simple task?

"Yes, sir." Derek Lu hastily answered, fearing that he would anger Jackson Chu.

Cherry Shen, dressed in simple casual clothes, walked out of the Shen Mansion for her blind date.

She gazed at the scenery along the way, but nothing could make her feel happy. She had been numbed by the series of blind dates over the past few days. Everything she cherished in this world was gone. What else should she care about? The blind date meant nothing. Even if she ended up marrying a lunatic, she would submit herself to her unfair fate.

Cherry Shen entered the downtown Starbucks. She checked the message on her mobile phone and looked for Table No. 6.

She found her table only after she turned the corner. She took the empty seat without even noticing that a man was sitting across the table.

She sensed his curious gaze and suddenly looked up. The military uniform and serious face made her heart skip a beat. The man had perfect features. His eyebrows couldn't hide his nobleness, though he seemed to be cold. His emotions were difficult to scrutinize. Moreover, his wide shoulders and muscular body made him appear even more masculine and charming.

On the other side, Jackson Chu was astonished by the woman who had just taken a seat across his table. He looked at her familiar face and recognized her as the woman who had slept in his bed that night. The woman he had deflowered and whose curvy body he had fondled. He had been missing this strange woman since then, and had even sent his men to look for her. He never thought she would suddenly appear before him at such a blind date.

Excited as he was, Jackson Chu tried to suppress his emotions and showed nothing on his face, though he couldn't help repeatedly glancing at her innocent face.

"Are you Jackson Chu?" Cherry Shen asked, indifferently, to make sure that the man sitting opposite was her date.

"Are you Cherry Shen?" Jackson Chu also asked. He thought her name was as beautiful as her body and her kiss.

Cherry Shen blinked. This particular blind date wasn't so bad. At least her date was handsome, maybe he was also a lady-killer. She took a deep breath and said, "Let's get straight to the point."

Jackson Chu kept silent, patiently waiting to hear what Cherry would say next.

"I haven't set many requirements for my future husband. As long as you like me and want to marry me, you can be my husband." After saying these words, Cherry Shen looked out of the window. A moment later, her gaze once again returned to Jackson's face.

Cherry Shen's blunt approach astonished Jackson Chu. He had met many girls. Most of them just couldn't wait to ask questions about his mansion, car and betrothal gifts. However, this girl was straightforward and clearly didn't mind marrying him after their firs

t date, without even inquiring about his background.

Jackson Chu frowned. The wonderful thoughts about this girl hadn't faded from his mind, even though she did not have an extraordinarily fascinating appearance. "How can I refuse such a girl as my bride?" Jackson Chu thought. She was special and he already felt drawn to her.

Jackson Chu's silence annoyed Cherry Shen. She did not feel the need to say anything more during such a boring and meaningless date.

Cherry Shen looked at her watch. Then she raised her head and said to Jackson Chu, indifferently, "Mr. Jackson, now that we have met, I'm going to leave. If you need more time to consider my proposal carefully, just do it and call me later. My next date is set for 9, and it's already 8:40. I should go."

Then Cherry Shen took a card from her bag, on which her name and cellphone number were written. She put the card on the table before him, stood up and was about to leave.

But before Cherry Shen could turn around, Jackson Chu firmly grasped her hand.

Feeling cold and a bit angry, Jackson Chu said, "Did you bring the identity card and household register?"

They looked at each other intently. Frankly, Cherry was taken aback. She never thought Jackson would accept such an unreasonable proposal without giving it second thoughts. She answered blankly, "No, I didn't."

It took a moment for Cherry Shen to recover. She took a deep breath and carefully scrutinized this man once more. She did not want to jump to conclusions again. For sure, he was a solider with a conservative appearance. So perhaps he wouldn't flirt with other women, or have lustful desires like John Ye. If she married him, she might be happy since he showed the strictness and seriousness of a solider, as well as underlying dignity.

"I will meet you here tomorrow morning at half past eight, and I will give you my identity card and household register." Cherry Shen said this with a determined heart. All of a sudden, she felt relieved. Finally she would marry someone, though not the man she loved most.

Cherry Shen's words satisfied Jackson. He nodded and replied with authority, "Don't go to your next date. I'm going to take you home."

Cherry Shen shrugged reluctantly. Now that Jackson had accepted her proposal, another date was unnecessary.

Cherry Shen remained silent and was about to leave the café so that Jackson could drop her home. But, just as she reached the door, she saw John Ye and Jean Shen enter.

Both John Ye and Jean Shen noticed Cherry Shen. John Ye was surprised at the coincidence when he saw the couple in front on him.

Jackson Chu saw Cherry Shen standing still. He looked in the direction of her gaze and his expression changed slightly, although nobody else noticed it. He recovered quickly and remained cold and indifferent.

Jean Shen held John Ye's arm and started analyzing the situation. She saw that her sister was with a man. She must be on a date with this man who was wearing a military uniform. Jean Shen, with undisguised contempt, looked at the man holding her sister's arm and thought that Cherry Shen was really good at seducing men. How could she allow a stranger to touch her in that intimate manner on their very first date? What a shameless slut she was.

Feeling extremely envious and nervous, John Ye removed Jean Shen's hand and walked over to Cherry Shen and Jackson Chu.

He stood before the couple and looked at Jackson Chu instead of Cherry Shen. With disbelief he asked, "Uncle, why are you here?"

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