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   Chapter 63 Epilogue

Ceaseless Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 3672

Updated: 2019-02-27 13:15

"They both disappeared just like that."

Lady Faye uttered to herself while sitting on a cushioned seat near the fireplace of the study room. Her hands were clasping on her lap, her back was pressed against the backrest, and her head was bent low, staring at the blue flames on the hearth.

Lord Jared was standing near the window sill, his eyes fixed on the sunrise beyond the stretch of the north field. "I can't believe it. To think that the stone really does hold power. No wonder the late King did great lengths to acquire it, " he stated.

"No wonder he forbade the princess to go outside the mansion, " Lady Faye countered. "The blood coursing through her veins is actually the key."

"Tsk... the key to his insanity that is, " Jared icily commented, then a moment of silence enveloped the room once again.

"General Cain's body should arrive in the Soulisse mansion by this time." Lady Faye inhaled a deep breath, then closed her eyes. The memory of last night's event was still fresh in her mind. His lifeless body, dragged out of Lianne's room after the two royal's bodies disappear

emergency response team will take care of you and take you to the nearest hospital, " the man said.

Ruen however didn't reply to his statement.

His focus was diverted to the forgotten senses of his body: the clear blue sky that greeted his eyes, the sharpness of his hearing, the feeling of the rough leather against his palm, the bland taste of snow on his lips, the cold air in his lungs, and the vertiginous sensation in his head. It has truly been awhile since he felt this alive.

Closing his eyes, only one memory remained in his thoughts. The kick of the sedative immediately ushered him to sleep, but before he drifted into unconsciousness, he whispered a name that profoundly erupted in his heart.


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