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   Chapter 62 A Chance of a New Life

Ceaseless Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10292

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"Lianne, look at me! Please, look at me!"

Ruen adjusted his hold, anchoring an arm around her head so that her face would lift up.

Lianne's vision was blurred but she could clearly see the pained expression on his face. She had never seen this kind of expression from him before. Never. It was breaking her heart.

"Please don't look at me like that, " she mockingly requested, sounding slightly raspy. "You don't fit that kind of expression at all." She gave him an apologetic smile and then coughed up blood.

"No, don't speak anymore. Rest! The doctor will be here soon." He placed a constant pressure on the wound on her back with his free hand. This, he did so despite having a deep laceration on his left forearm too.

"Ruen..." she uttered in a weak voice. She winced abruptly when she felt the stabbing sensation on her abdomen.

Once that passed, she lifted a hand and placed it gently on his cheek, feeling his warmth against her now cold palm. "You have always cared for me... protected me ever since. Now, its my time to protect you..."

Stream of tears spilled from her eyes as she looked at him.

"Dammit Lianne! That is my duty!" he announced sharply as he felt his panic rise with the sight of her blood pooling on the floor.

" are a great king...and you will do well. Keep this land safe...and prosperous. Save this kingdom...for me..."

Ruen clenched his teeth and shook his head. "Please stop, Lianne. Don't talk as if you are saying goodbye to me!"

A couple of raindrops hit her face, but it didn't enliven her now pale cheeks. Her fingers feebly caressed his chin, wiping the beads of water that accumulated on it. She didn't notice but most of the liquid were not from the rain, but from his eyes.

He was crying. The King of Regaleria was crying and it was for her. Only for her.

"I...I heard that the necklace...can still grant a wish...without the blood moon, " she continued, disregarding Ruen's complaint. "If its true...then...then I..."

"I would wish you to live, " Ruen finished, hauling a deep breath. "But you aren't dying, Lianne. You hear me?! You will not die!"

She smiled weakly on his remark. What more could she ask for? This man had given her everything, and most especially her valued freedom. Her loneliness was all washed away and he filled her with love. It was enough. It was truly enough.

The people in the kingdom would need him more; to rebuild their lives that Garlow had destroyed, to give them peace and provide them protection.

But if she were truly honest with herself, she wanted to be with him! Spend a lifetime with him! Be there for him! Could this desire even be called selfishness then?

A minute had passed, and each second seemed an agony for her. She couldn't feel anything now as if her body was detached from her head. She looked past him and into the dark sky. The rain drops seemed to move in slow motion.

'Is this what it feels like to be at the end of the road?' she asked herself, crying deep inside too.

"My love...Ruen..." she breathe anew.


ter realizing what the light meant.

'Is this the power of the stone?!' Ruen asked himself in surprise.


Kneeling down, he cradled her lifeless body close to him as the flecks of light continued to shine. This time, it enveloped him also.

With the blinding light, he closed his eyes and opened up his other senses.

Seconds later, he felt his surroundings shift. He knew immediately they were in a different plane.

They were both floating, suspended in the air as if gravity was taken away from them.

Then, a light feeling overtook him. It was the kind of light feeling he always feels whenever he sees the princess' smile. The feeling of warmth, of freedom, of passion, and of love. It was banishing all of the sadness in his heart.

He continued to close his eyes, letting the weightless feeling overwhelm him.

Stream of tears started to run along his cheeks again.

Many were the memories that he had reminisced during this time; from all the way back when they first met in the greenhouse, their studies together, the parties they had attended, just them being close - hand in hand, lips locked, immersed in each others eyes - and finally to the time when they had their nights of passion together.

All of these memories were precious to him and he would keep them in his heart forever.


He suddenly heard Lianne's voice whisper his name. It was soft and without any trace of pain.

He quickly opened his eyes and saw the blinding light no more. Instead, it was replaced with a soft glow of emerald green.

Although Lianne's voice was near, he couldn't see her anywhere. He however felt warm arms embracing him, putting him in a contented state.

"Find me in your dreams..." Lianne whispered again.

Ruen nodded and smiled serenely. He wasn't worried he couldn't see her. He knew she was with him and that was enough.

"I will..." he answered, lifting his chin up and closing his eyes.

Soon, they were going to see each other again and this he was sure of.




The End

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