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   Chapter 61 Death and Gravity

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Lianne was still lying under the general when she heard a faint sound of a knock. She wanted to scream for help, but her attention came back to Cain when his hand cruised down to her legs and into her buttocks.

She gasped in surprise when he adjusted her position, spreading her legs apart so that he could fondle her more.

"Please don't!" she shouted in distress, her eyes now wet with tears.

If she could fight back, she would have, like the time when she hit him with the cigar ashtray, but her hands could not hold of anything solid this time. Surrounding them were only piles and piles of soft feather pillows, and the table beside her bed was barely a reach away where a figurine of an angel could have done the job.

"You want me to stop but your body is responding to me, Lianne. Can't you feel it?" Cain excitedly proclaimed as he felt the heat of her skin. Effortlessly, he took his coat off and unbuttoned his shirt with ease revealing his well-honed muscles and then went back to caress her neck, slowly circling his tongue with passion and fervor.

"Remember this Lianne?" Cain asked, pulling the emerald necklace from his slacks and lifted it unto her face.

"Cain! How did you?" she queried, surprised.

"I realized I just couldn't let this go. After all, this can still grant my wish with or without the blood moon or that ridiculous cave, " he stated, nearing his mouth into her ear. "But I don't think I would need this now."

The necklace dropped on the bed and rolled towards Lianne's back. She felt the prick of the hook touching her soft skin, but her attention quickly returned to the man on top of her.

With her legs spread apart and his thigh positioned in between them, he then eagerly and ever so sensually slid his fingers on the most sensitive spot of her body, instantly feeling her wetness. She shouted in protest with his invasion, but he only grinned in pleasure towards her knowing that this was any woman's clue of her arousal.

"I will show you how this would really feel like, Lianne." A sluggish whisper touched her ears then. "You're mine."

Lianne shook her head violently. "Cain, no! Please... I don't want this! I love him! I love Ruen! How do you expect me to yield to you when it is he who I love!" Lianne revealed without hesitation. She looked at Cain with pleading eyes, and for a brief moment he looked surprised, but his expression promptly changed to that of an insanely jealous man.

"I will NOT let you go Lianne, you hear me?! Not with him. Not with any man for that matter!" he immediately replied, grabbing both of her shoulders tightly, pressing them down the mattress.

"Cain, you're hurting me..." she weakly stated, flinching as she felt the weight on her shoulders, literally.

"I suggest you let her go now!"

A deep resounding voice suddenly broke through the room and immediately, Lianne knew it to whom. She quickly glanced at Ruen's way where he was standing at the threshold. His expression enraged. Behind him was Lady Faye who was covering her mouth with her hand and had a worried expression on her face.

"Ruen!" she gasped.

Cain grinned at the sight of him.

"Ahh, now you decide to show up, " he stated in a mocking voice.

He was still kneeling on the mattress when he straightened, his eyes falling on the princess to see his handiwork: her hair tousled, cheeks flushed, and lips deliciously swollen and red.

'Ahhh, such a waste of pleasure, ' his mind blurted out. A minute more was only n

ks again and again, until at one point, he was able to hit Cain on the rib with a forceful kick.

Cain doubled over but he didn't loosen his grip on the sword.

Despite this, Ruen seized the opportunity. He moved forward and reached for the blade.

The latter noticed him and quickly sprinted up and thrust his sword into Ruen's left leg.

It hit and blood oozed immediately from the wound. Ruen nursed it with his hand but he staggered, fighting to keep himself upright.

Cain, seeing this, snickered. "Say goodbye my King, " he said and then poised to hit Ruen's chest this time.

But on a freak turn of event, a body launched forward and blocked off the blade from hitting him.

"No!!!" Ruen clearly heard Lianne's voice before he could even stop her.

His eyes constricted, looking at her as she embraced him tightly.

"LIANNE!!!" he shouted in panic as blood seeped out of her mouth.

She buried her face on the collar of his rain-soaked shirt. Her hair covered the path of the blade that buried deeply on her left lower torso.

"No..." Ruen whispered low. His eyes widened. His hands trembled. "NO!!!" He cried once again, this time with a mixture of anger and pain.

He instinctively grabbed her waist as she rapidly plummeted down the floor. He grimaced as he felt the long solid blade burrowing deep onto her flesh and saw the blood oozing profusely at the side.

Cain caught his breath when he saw what happened. He drew the sword out of her flesh in a sudden panic and dropped it on the ground.

Everything happened so fast that he wasn't able to notice her at all. But now this has happened.

Looking at her limp form now lying on the floor; her head cradled with Ruen's arms, his heart felt like it was being clenched. He stepped backward slowly like the energy was all sucked out of his body.

While staring at her bloody dress, he suddenly felt big hands holding his shoulders tightly.

Jared, at last, arrived bringing with him three royal guards. He saw Lady Faye silent but big beads of tears welled on her eyes. He saw the princess bathe in blood and the King holding her carefully on the ground. He immediately ordered two of the guards to seize Cain, upon which they dutifully did.

"JARED! CALL THE DOCTOR NOW!" the King commanded to the majordomo, his voice a sound of anguish.

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