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   Chapter 60 An Uninvited Guest

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It had been four days since they arrived back in the mansion.

When Lady Faye first saw the state the princess was in, she immediately gave the King an exaggerated line of sermon, to which the latter heartily accepted.

It truly caused the governess great concern, with Lianne's wound and enervated state mainly, but seeing the princess in a much livelier spirit than in the past, she finally conceded.

Lianne had to stay in her bed the first two days for the whole day to rest and replenish the energy she had lost as strictly urged by the governess. She even made the princess drink a variety of vegetable cocktails in order to raise up the volume of her blood, but this time it was from the royal doctor's prescription.

As much as Ruen wanted, he wasn't able to be with her the first two days either for matters of the court immediately needed his attention. Two of these in particular were the latest transgression the Lord General had committed and Olga's apparent debilitated state.

Lianne made it sure that Ruen would devise a good plan with the royal councils regarding the rebuilding of the City of Olga. She requested it as much having seen first hand the city and its poor, war-stricken residents.

He was only able to visit her and stay in her bedchamber during the evening, spending in each others arms in a blissful moment together.

On the third day, she was finally permitted by Lady Faye to graze the hallways of the mansion, and on the fourth, she was able to take Arinna for a ride at the stable yard in the afternoon. The pain on her wound was beginning to subside and she could now take deep breaths without wincing. However, as clear as the memory she had with it, the scar that was now forming was becoming evident.

Much of Ruen's time was devoted to the royal council, sitting always at the head of the council table. He would have wanted to ride alongside the princess with his stallion but more pressing matters kept him from it. It was accustomed during Garlow's reign, whenever a meeting with the council was held, the main location would be in the throne room. However, upon Ruen's personal decision, he opted to hold it in the council room at the third floor, west wing of the mansion.

The meeting went on for hours and days, with most of the discussion about the rehabilitation and rebuilding of not only the City of Olga, but apparently all of Garlow's conquered neighboring lands.

Truly, the impact of being a king had already reached Ruen head on. The meetings were exhaustive, but he needed to keep his focus straight as the welfare of these people were in the line. Surely, Lianne would have him do the same.

However, there were times when his thoughts would wander to the princess, especially when he feels the slight tug of an object in his pants pocket whenever he moves. Inside the pocket of his black slacks was a small square-shaped box. Inside it was a hexagon-cut diamond ring, set on a gold band embellished with tiny sky-blue sapphire stone.

It was this certain object that made his heart beat faster than normal. He'd give this ring to her soon and with it his pledge of eternal love.

~ 0 ~

It was past dinner. Lianne was reading a book when she heard a knock on the main door.

It was an eerie one, with the rhythm continuous and heavy. After having lived all her life inside the mansion, she already developed a keen sense of knowing which staff were on the other side of the door. Servants would just usually knock thrice and enter. Lady Faye and Lord Jared would knock once. Ruen wouldn't even knock at all.

So hearing the unusual knocking now made her think who it was who had come to visit her.

Rising up from her bed, she decided to open it. A confused look was on her face as she turned the knob open, but it instantly changed to a surprised one when she was greeted by the man she had least expected to see.

"Cain! You're...alive?!" Lianne caught her breath.

The one addressed was smiling handsomely when their eyes met.

"Lianne..." Gently, he whispered her name.

Without hesitation, she speedily closed the door.

Cain however was quick to stop her and was able to step inside without any trouble. He cupped her mouth to stop her from shouting and then pinned her to the wall.

Lianne panicked when she noticed him locking the door. She pushed his chest away as hard as she could but it was to no avail.

"Please Lianne, I need you to calm down, " he suggested, taking note of her unwelcoming, reaction.

Her breathing started to pick up and she shook her head.

"Please, I just need you to listen to me, " he pleaded again.

Lianne had no c

p her and then continued to caress the fresh scar on her chest staying true with his promise on giving the caring it deserved.

Fortunately enough, the ache Lianne felt from her wound successfully pulled her back to her senses. She forcefully pushed his face to stop his kisses and glared at him in disgust.

To Cain, he saw a different side with this however. She looked flushed, almost panting and aroused.

"Your body is reacting to me, Lianne. You kind hide it. Why fight?"

She hissed at him. "I will fight for as long as I could, Cain! I will never surrender to you. I don't love you!"

With this, his eyes darkened. He pushed her back in bed and proceeded to claim her mouth once again, suffocating her, showering her with his unchecked desire.

~ 0 ~

At the east entrance of the mansion, Lady Faye was with a maid servant, holding a fresh basket of carrots for the horses to eat. It was her last duty for the day and she most certainly was looking forward to a good rest on her chamber.

However, she caught sight of Paul just a few steps down the stairs tending a black-spotted stallion, tethered into a lamp post.

She approached him, wondering about the stallion why it wasn't kept inside the stables this time of the night.

"Good evening, Madame Faye. I see that you have the carrots with you, " Paul greeted in good spirits.

Lady Faye stood with both hands clasped and eyed the horse first and then to Paul.

"Why is this horse not yet in the stables, Paul? It's already evening, and a cold rainy one for that matter. Do you want this horse to catch a cold?"

Paul looked at her confused and then smiled on her way. "Well, it is the general's order for his horse to remain here, Lady Faye, that is why."

"General?" she asked, raising a brow at him.

"The Lord General, Madame. This is General Cain's horse."

In an instant, her heartbeat spiked up realizing that the general was still alive.

"Where is he?!" she asked quickly.

Oblivious of her rising panic, Paul cocked his head to the side and answered, "Inside the mansion, Madame. I believe he is visiting Princess Lianne."

Lady Faye cleared a good lump in her throat. She pulled her skirt up and ran inside the east entrance as fast as she could without looking back at Paul.

"Quickly, tell the King now!" she ordered in haste to the maid servant next to her.

The latter nodded and headed into another direction going up the third floor.

Lady Faye climbed up the wide marbled stairs to the second floor and continued onto another long hallway leading to the princess' chamber.

When she reached there, she didn't care to knock. She twisted the doorknob to open only to find it locked.

"Princess, are you in there!?!" she asked loudly in the front of the main door, but there was no answer.

"Princess, open the door!" she tried again, her worry rising, but there was still no answer.

She held a breath and covered her mouth with both of her hands, shaking her head from side to side with her frightened eyes staring at the closed portal, fearing that they were already too late.

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