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   Chapter 59 Out From the Ashes, Love is Born

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"How is she, Your Majesty?"

Lord Jared carefully asked when Ruen finally exited his private cabin. He looked distressed and exhausted, wrinkles and a hard frown marring his handsome face.

It had been five hours since they left the port of Olga, sailing back to Regaleria on the royal ship in the middle of the night.

Traveling back to Regaleria as soon as possible was the best thing to do for mainly two reasons. One was that it was safer for the princess to be as far away from the cave as possible while the blood moon was still high and second, for the King's sake, so that he wouldn't burn the entire city down because of his raging anger.

"She's still sleeping, " Ruen answered plainly, but he had a tense look on his face.

"Do you need anything, Your Majesty? Coffee perhaps?" Jared offered knowing the King would probably pull out an all-nighter this evening, making sure he would be awake when the princess finally opens her eyes.

"Yes, that would do well, Jared, " he agreed. "Where you able to find any answers?"

"Yes, Your Majesty. I have a witness during her abduction. The boy's name is Lloyd, and he wanted to-"

"I want to see the boy now, " Ruen interjected.

Lord Jared bent his head and looked down the floor. "I'm sorry, Your Majesty, but the boy left quickly after I talked to him before we sailed."

"Why so?"

"Apparently, this boy is an errand boy in the ship of Captain Mock, the Le Voyer."

"Hmmm, I see." Ruen released a disappointed exhale.

Lord Jared proceeded to explain everything and all the while, the King's expression turned solemn.

"General Cain was the one who hired the captain to bring them to the City of Olga yesterday night. The boy was oblivious of who she was but he can tell she was unwilling to be taken aboard the ship. She kept herself inside her room the whole journey, Your Highness. The boy only knew then she was a princess when they arrived at Olga. He said a hooded man ordered the general to take her to a cave, and that was the last time he saw of her."

"So the general was indeed conniving with the hooded man, " Ruen remarked, clenching his fists.

"Apparently so, Your Majesty."

"That explains the continued excavation of the cave after Garlow died."

Regret filled Ruen's eyes when he realized it. If he knew then, he would have used all his power to shutdown the excavation permanently. He remembered he ordered the excavation to be stopped, but it seemed Cain didn't do as was ordered.

"Well, uhm, Your Majesty." Lord Jared looked up, giving the King a worried look. "The boy told me something very important."

Ruen gave the majordomo a curious brow. "What is it?"

Lord Jared was hesitant at first but decided to tell him anyway. "He overheard the hooded man saying he was going to resurrect the late King using her blood."

Immediately, the King's expression turned sour. "Dammit!" he blurted out in rage. "Just as I thought!"

He remembered the hooded man visiting Garlow while he was sick. He knew then that there was something rather odd about the man. The late King never showed any worries about his sickness and his impending death as it seemed he had actually been planning his much anticipated resurrection.

The Felic book stated that the emerald stone would need a blood sacrifice, but it never mentioned to whose. However, it mentioned the Vhillana Family being its sole guardian. If that statement meant anything, anything at all...that would be connected to the princess for sure.

"We were lucky we got there on time and save Princess Lianne, Your Majesty, " Lord Jared announced, catching Ruen's attention. "With that amount of collapse, I don't think anyone would b

to think of it, I don't even have an idea about that damn secret and here now, it's actually the main reason why he had to attack my kingdom and kill my family!" She hissed, trying to hold back the tears from falling down. She had to be strong now. She had to face the truth despite how painful it was.

Ruen only remained silent, but kept a steady stare on her. It was hard to see her relive the pain, but she had to, for him to find out a better way to protect her.

"Lord Cain helped the priest in abducting me. He was his henchman so to speak, but I couldn't fathom why."

"How did you get the wound, Lianne?" Ruen asked abruptly, changing the subject.

"That priest wounded me with a dagger, then took a cup of my blood, " she answered as she felt another pricking sensation on her wound. "Garlow's body was lying there Ruen, and for a second I believed that he would come to life once again and reign more terror over this kingdom. I couldn't live with that! I wouldn't be able to handle the truth that I helped him succeed on his wicked plans!"

Her tears streamed vigorously down her flushed cheeks. Having to suffer with no freedom was fine for her, but thinking of the possible many towns and people destroyed and killed just like the City of Olga was another matter.

"What Garlow had done to this kingdom is already enough, " Ruen stated through clenched teeth. "I will not permit him from doing any further damage. Not even beyond his grave."

Feeling comforted by his words, Lianne finally felt secure with him. She reached out and placed a hand on his chest, her touch burning his skin. "During those moments, you were always on my mind."

"I deeply apologize for causing you worry, my princess, and I'm sorry it took me time to save you."

She smiled slightly, accepting his apology.

He moved closer and cupped her chin, slowly tilting her face to meet his. Then, his lips were upon hers, moving gently and rousing the longing that they both had been keeping.

"Lianne, I love you, " he whispered on her ear.

Lianne cried even more, but not by the pain but by the happiness of finally being in his arms again.

There was too much destruction under Garlow's rule, that was a fact everyone couldn't deny, but in the midst of the chaos, the pain, the hatred, they had found each other. Both hearts abandoned. Both without families to cling to. No warmth to hold onto.

And for that much, Ruen and Lianne had to thank Garlow.

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