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   Chapter 58 Yearning for Heaven's Miracle

Ceaseless Gravity By JMFelic Characters: 10595

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Father Oveido moved closer to her, his gait uneven without the aid of his staff. Lianne felt hopeless with what was now an imminent threat, but she knew she wasn't powerless. She had to fight for her freedom, and fight she will.

She kicked her feet hard when the priest stood a couple of inches from her. She was able to hit his left knee, instantly sending a jolt of pain all over his leg. He winced in the pain but he smiled briefly and said, "You think this would deter me from doing what I must do? Struggle as much as you want, princess."

"You stay away from me!" she threatened, gnashing her teeth in anger.

"I don't think that will happen, " he answered and then went behind the sofa.

This time, Lianne wasn't able to anticipate or even see what he was about to do next, but it was certainly clearer when she noticed the blade of the dagger drawn close to her chest.

"No!" she cried out loud in bone-chilling fear. Her eyes widened briefly and then she closed it tightly feeling the sharp lacerating pain on her chest, just below her clavicle.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried in agony.

Cain clenched his teeth at the sight of it. He didn't want to see her in pain, and he definitely didn't want to see her precious skin tainted. But it was required. Her blood was a needed ingredient. To compensate, he made a mental note to lavish her with kisses and the scar that the chest wound will leave then. After all, she would be his when all of this ends.

Her bright red blood streamed rapidly from the wound down to her cleavage. Father Oveido smiled a wicked smile and then pressed the chalice against her chest, filling it with her gushing blood.

She felt herself tremble as she saw the blood. This was really happening now, and there was no way she would be able to extort herself out of it.

The throbbing pain on her chest continued as seconds passed, then minutes, and all the while she began to feel dizzy and listless. The amount of blood she was losing was enough to drain her energy, the precious energy she needed to fight any further pending assault.

Finally done, Father Oveido took out the chalice and walked hastily towards the marble slab where Garlow's body lay still, leaving her drowning in pain.

"Yes! Now is definitely the right time!" he shouted with eager anticipation, lifting the chalice high above his head.

Lianne watched tiredly at the priest, observing him as he began his ritual.

"No..." she whispered weakly, tasting the saltiness of her tears as it continued flowing down her cheeks.

She wasn't able to contain her emotions from overflowing. A mixture of hate, anger, hopelessness and fear collided inside her. Was dying this way her destiny? Being drained out of blood? Immediately, her thoughts singled out on the only man she truly missed, Ruen.

'Ruen!' she shouted in her thoughts, hoping that by some kind of miracle, he'd come and rescue her.

"Lianne, " Cain's soft voice touched her ears, and then she felt a silky cloth cover her chest wound with pressure. "Everything will be fine, " he added.

She struggled to open her eyes widely to look at him. She wanted to shot him a cold glare for betray

empted once again with firm resolution and was able to stand albeit in an unstable manner. She paced slowly towards the stone wall in the hopes that it will steady her, all the while hearing the clashing of the sword in the distance.

She was able to reach halfway of the passage when she felt the ground quake and then heard a loud explosion from atop her. She heard a low grumble of what sounded like massive stones coming down the cliff but she ignored it when a sudden pang of pain radiated all over her chest coming from her wound.

Grimacing, she fell down the ground, unable to keep herself steady any longer. The earth continued shaking violently comparable to the emotions that were whirling in her mind.

Her thoughts, in the spur of the moment, wandered into empty space. She could no longer contain her consciousness with the minute amount of energy remained inside her. However, just as she was about to succumb to the darkness, she heard a clear call of her name.


A male voice emerged out of the shadows of the passage, then two distinct figures came to her in haste. She struggled to clear her vision but the haziness was unrelenting. The only glimpse she could make was seeing Lord Jared's worried face whilst catching his breath.

She felt strong arms lifting her from the ground, followed by a comfortable warmth enveloping her.

"Ruen...?" she muttered with great care, slightly curving her lips into a brief smile. Heaven had heard her.

"I'm here now, Lianne, you don't need to worry."

Ruen's voice was salvation for her. It was the best sound she heard despite the rumbling of the cave.

"Your Highness, I think it's best we should leave now. This place is prone to earthquakes, " Lord Jared suggested quickly, thinking of the fate that General Midas had received inside the very same cave they were in.

Ruen nodded in agreement.

As they ran out of the cave's passage, Lianne caught a glimpse of the cave collapsing quickly behind them. She heard a call of her name in the distance and in the midst of the thick dust, a shadow of a man slowly vanished.

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