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   Chapter 55 Sailing Away from You

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When Ruen glanced at Lianne while he was at the bakery shop, he saw her enjoying the lion float that was passing by. He noticed the commotion as the float arrived and saw that the platform flooded immediately with spectators because of it. He saw the little boy sitting highly at the top of his father's shoulder; however, because of it, he wasn't able to discern the face of the man that situated himself right at Lianne's back.

After he bought three chocolate muffins though and walked back towards the platform, he noticed her acting rather unusually. The expression on her face became tense and troubled. By the time he realized something wasn't right, he already saw her being hauled out of the railing by the unknown man.

Their eyes met and the alarm in her eyes were enough to instantly tell him she was in danger. He dropped the box of muffins into the ground and immediately took off to the platform like a madman on a rampage.

"Lianne!" he shouted loudly.

He saw her being pulled into the crowd of people. Though he tried hard to reach her, he was unable to. Pushing the onlookers out of his way in a frantic search for her was a good way, but unfortunately it wasn't enough.

Ruen stood at a more spacious area, frantically scanning the whole area for her, but the multitude of people in the streets made it difficult.

"Your Majesty!" A burly voice of a man resounded in the air.

Sir Brooder, the General of Combat and Skills, ran from across the street towards him. He was not wearing the uniform of the army, but instead a casual clothing to avoid attention from the townsfolk. However, his leather scabbard with the iron sword was left hanging on his side. He was in town to accompany and protect the two royals, keeping his distance at the same time, as per Lord Jared's instructions.

When he reached the King, he instantly noticed his anxious state and didn't miss a cold, dark glare in his eyes.

"General Brooder. I want you to come with me now!" Ruen commanded roughly.

He was angry. Angry at himself for not being able to rescue her. He wasn't sure who took her then, but he had great doubt who the culprit was. Thinking of the possible men that could dare do it, immediately his mind rested on one man alone, Cain, and if he was right, she truly was in grave danger.

They both hastily ran back to the main harbor where the general's stallion and the black carriage was situated. Ruen unbuckled one of the three horses of the carriage, saddled it quickly and then swiftly mounted its back. Sir Brooder followed with his own horse.

"Your Majesty, I feel it is important to tell you this. I saw General Cain's stallion tied up in a tavern not far away from here, " Sir Brooder spoke, catching Ruen's attention.

The King paused for a moment after struggling to keep the colt steady. He gave the general a grim stare and then dictated acutely, "Show me the way General, now!"

They both rode the town's busy street into the tavern half a mile away from the main harbor. When they reached there ten minutes later, Cain's horse was nowhere to be seen.

Ruen released a displeased and angry growl. "Damn it!" He swore under his breath.

"Your lead, Your Majesty, " the general said. Knowing the Von Cavill family well enough, he knew Cain had the power to do whatever he wanted. He knows for sure that what the Lord wants now was the Princess, and he would do anything for her to be his.

"If Cain intended to bring her back to Soulisse, then they may not have gotten far enough. I will chase them from here. You go back to the ship and tell Captain Marxe to search all spaces of this town. No one will rest until we find the princess!"

After giving his command, he kicked his horse to run. Grinding his teeth as the speed of the creature increased, his thoughts wandered off to the many possibilities that might happen.

Oh what great pleasure it would be for him in killing Cain if he will find out he has touched her, much worse harm her! His blood ran cold with the thought of it. Maybe Garlow's teachings weren't as useless after all.

~ 0 ~

"Cain, please... let me go!" Lianne appealed. She had never expected him to do such drastic measures, but it was possible that her own recent aversion towards him compelled him to do it.

"I apologize deeply for this to happen, Lianne, " Cain stated, sounding apologetic but distant. He was still holding her hand, pulling her forcefully as they walked a long rundown path towards a secret secluded docking point a kilometer away from the main harbor.

"Where are we going?" she said in alarm.

"I told you already didn't I? To Olga, " he answered without a second thought.

Lianne made another tug out of Cain's hold, but to no avail. "Why Cain? Why there?" she asked, puzzled.

The general stopped from his steps and stood right beside a stack of crates full of gravel. They were now at the secret docking point. No other people but them. There was n

but he then walked closer to her side, smiling evilly at the same time.

"I see that you don't feel comfortable at all, " he stated, mocking her again.

"Isn't that already obvious?! Can't you see I'm unwilling to go to Olga?! Why did you let this damn boat leave the town in the first place!" Lianne angrily shouted.

"Hmmm, Cain did mention you a feisty one, " the captain said, "but know this Your Highness." Captain Mock then lifted her face with her chin using a small knife blade, hard as steel and well sharpened. Lianne's eyes widened even more at the sight of it. "I am the captain of this boat, and no one is entitled to question me or command me!" he said in a gruff voice.

There was coldness in his eyes. Just like Midas. Just like Garlow. The type of men who doesn't think twice of spilling blood.

Lianne hissed in silence. She felt a sudden hatred against the man. Felt hopeless against the knife blade on her chin. But she didn't produce even a tear in her eyes.

"Well now..." Another man suddenly appeared from behind the captain. "You wouldn't want to frighten the princess, right? Captain Mock?" Cain simply declared.

Lianne saw the general approach them.

The captain immediately took his knife blade out of view and held out a deep sigh. "Nahhh, I just wanted to show off the princess how pirate-like I am."

Cain smiled in amusement. "I'm sorry to tell you Captain, but the princess here doesn't take jokes lightly, " he announced glancing at her at the same time, smiling his debonair smile.

Lianne stepped a few inches away from him and stared at the ocean, frowning. A few seconds later, the two men watched her quickly leave the deck going straight to the metal stairs without even a word.

"She is a good one, Cain, " Captain Mock plainly declared, smirking at the same time.

Cain only gave a good nod and then followed the princess.

Lianne was wearing the same dress she wore last day, but what she noticed unmistakably, upon pressing her hands on her chest was the absence of her emerald pendant necklace.

"No!" she cried loudly when she reached inside her room. She closed the door with a loud bang and tossed herself in her bed to cover her face with an available pillow. "No, where could it be?"

Upon remembering the necklace, immediately her mind rested on a much painful memory.

"Ruen, " she whispered softly. Tears from her eyes began to fall down her cheeks. "How will you be able to rescue me now? I'm miles away from you."

The door suddenly swung open and in stepped Cain.

She quickly sat up and faced the door shoving the pillow aside. With tears clouding her eyes, she wasn't able to discern who her visitor was at first. When she realized who it was after wiping her tears dry, her heart immediately sank like a wilted flower.

"Good morning, Lianne, " Cain greeted, acting like nothing happened.

Lianne frowned in reaction. "How could you act so insensitively when you know what you have done!" she shouted, anger simmering on the surface.

"I apologized to you back then and I will apologize to you again now. I'm sorry for taking you here against your will, Lianne, " Cain softly said.

His apology sounded almost genuine, but when he inched closer to her in bed and saw the desire in his eyes, she felt alarmed.

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