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   Chapter 54 Alarm in the Middle of the Festivity

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It was late afternoon when Lianne and Ruen went out of his private cabin. When they ascended to the main deck, they saw Captain Marxe already holding two green 12-inch long candles with intricately-carved flower petals on it.

"Your Majesty, you wouldn't want to miss the festivities, " the captain proclaimed, his eyes beaming with excitement.

Ruen, who was now wearing a black overcoat, accepted the candles and then slid them under his coat into a wide pocket. "Thank you, Captain, " he said.

Lianne gave both of them a puzzling look. "What are the candles for?" She directed her question to the King, but he only gave her a smile.

"Let's go, Lianne. It's almost time, " Ruen stated as he offered his hand to her, acting secretive.

"Start what?" Lianne asked, but was then left in awe when she saw, from the deck, the main harbor crowded with a lot of people standing, holding with them green candles, already lighted.

"What are they doing, Ruen?" Lianne exclaimed. She had never seen a sight such as this considering she was held inside the mansion's walls all her life.

"They are waiting for the sunset, Lianne. Today is the feast of harvest, and the way to thank the sun for having assisted the farmers in their crops is to have a candle lighted when its sunset, " Ruen explained thoroughly. He saw the princess already admiring the whole activity, her eyes glowing with anticipation.

"Come!" he said, then hastily grabbed her left hand, pulling her along with him down the connecting ramp.

The moment they were inside the black carriage, the coachman drove towards the main harbor. He had much ease driving at first, but as they neared the main harbor, he began to have a hard time maneuvering the horses as there were a moderate crowd of people already piling up the road.

Ruen noticed the commotion and ordered the coachman to stop.

"Its okay, Harv, we will walk from here, " he stated. "You don't mind walking, Lianne?"

"No. Actually, this would be better. I want to witness all of the events and to feel what it feels like attending a festivity like this, " she answered.

Ruen gave a nod of agreement.

They both stepped out of the carriage and joined the locals walking towards the main harbor. When all of them noticed the King however, they bent their heads to acknowledge his presence.

"Thank you, but please don't mind us. We're here to share your celebration together, " Ruen exclaimed.

Lianne beamed a smile towards the crowd as they continued their way into the harbor.

"You never told me it's the town's festival today, " she stated.

"I intended to surprise you, " was his reply. He looked kindly at her as they walked together on the concrete road.

"And you did! Thank you, " Lianne replied with appreciation twinkling in her eyes.

On Ruen's right side, the waves were splashing along the beams that supported the road. The sky now have a broad palette of orange and red with a touch of bluish-black behind the clouds. The sea breeze was now colder, making him take off his coat and place it on Lianne's back. He took the two candles out of the pocket, gave one for the princess and saved the other for himself.

"You're welcome, Your Highness, " he answered with a warm smile.

"Wouldn't you feel uncomfortable though? You said you're not accustomed to joining things like this." Lianne didn't forget about what the maidservants used to comment about him. He was an aloof person, never attending banquets and balls in or outside of the Regaleria mansion since he was still a child.

Ruen shifted his eyes to look at the heavy crowd in the main harbor and answered, "It won't matter if I'm with you."

Taken aback by his reply, she blushed slightly and did not pursue the matter anymore.

They found a good place to situate themselves, standing not too far or not too close with the crowd. They also lit their candles together. The burning flames immediately brightened the whole area as the sunset continued.

"Ah! Breathtaking, " she proclaimed, s

he pointed the bakery.

"Oh, Ruen, you really don't need to, " Lianne answered, hesitant for him to leave her, but seeing how insistent Ruen was, she conceded.

Just as he stepped down the platform, a massive float of a lion, covered with numerous different flowers turned up to their street. The crowd were in rapture, shouting and waving at the float. Many quickly swarmed the side of the street, few on the benches and a couple managed to stand up beside Lianne on the platform.

Lianne saw the massive lion and admired the complexity and creativity of it. She noticed the reaction of all the people also, seeing them all hyped up upon the arrival of the float. She smiled in amazement.

She noticed two strangers now beside her. One on her right was a young woman, about twenty years of age. She was as much in awe as the princess was and pretty too, wearing a green wide-brimmed feather hat. The other on her left was a man, about forties of age, lifting a small boy up over his shoulders. The child's laughter was melody in her ears. He was definitely ecstatic, based on the way his face brightened up upon seeing the lion.

"I finally found you, Lianne, " a low male voice suddenly emerged from her back. Then, she felt two hands on each side of her shoulder, situating her in place. She wasn't able to turn around to see who it was, but when he spoke again, this time close to her ear, she realized who the man was.

"I have been looking everywhere for you Lianne, " he announced.

"Cain?!" Lianne exclaimed in surprise.

She tried to turn to look at him but he didn't let her, still holding her shoulders tightly. The liveliness of the area seemed to turn dim as she felt something wasn't right. Her eyes scanned speedily trying to find the King, but she was unsuccessful.

"I want you to come with me to Olga, Lianne, " Cain offered in a stern voice.

Lianne frowned. She felt her heart beating rapidly as she remembered their last argument in the Soulisse mansion. She wasn't ready to forgive him then. She wasn't ready to forgive him now, either. "You know I can't do that, Cain, " she replied simply.

Cain hissed in disappointment. "Why? Because you found your friendship with him enjoying?" He didn't miss to add sarcasm in his words.

"Cain, stop this nonsense, " Lianne voiced out through clenched teeth.

Like lightning, he forcefully hauled her out of the railing, holding tightly her right arm. "Come with me now!"

"Cain! No!" Lianne vehemently protested. She scanned her eyes again hoping to find Ruen in the crowd, and there he was standing a few feet away from the platform facing her, looking almost as alarmed and surprised as she was.

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